As a free call to the operator Tele2 on a single short number

To make free call to the operator Tele2, call to short number 611, it is necessary to consider that the call can be performed only from a mobile phone Tele2.

Following the instructions of the autoinformer, wait for the response of the operator of the customer service or expect a repeat menu item and the end of record voice answering machine, then you will be automatically connected with the operator Tele2.

As a free call to the operator Tele2 roaming

If you are outside the Russian Federation in international
roaming, call to operator Tele2 for free by dialing the following number: +7 (951) 520-06-11. Be sure to dial the number using the international format +7.

How to contact the operator of Tele2 in other ways

If for some reason you failed to make a free call to the operator Tele2 any of the above, try alternative options for contact a consultant from customer support.

1. Send a message to Tele2.

If you are unable to get through to the service consultant Tele2, try to send a message to technical support using the special form on the website Tele2, detailing the problem or asking questions.

2.Send an e-mail.

There is one very easy way totally free to contact the technical support service Tele2 — send a personal email letter. This can be done on one of these email addresses: or
Subscribers of Kazakhstan is invited to send emails to individual email address —

3.Tele2 group vkontakte.

On the website the official community of Tele2, where you can ask any questions and promptly receive a prompt response or assistance of expert customer service. A separate page technical support —

4. Use Tele2-Menu.

Your SIM card has a special application "Tele2-Menu". Open the main menu of your phone (or list of applications on the smartphone) and select the menu item "Tele2-Menu". To free call in support of Tele2, try to choose "My Tele2" and then "Subscription service".

In case you have tried all ways, but you never got a free call to the operator Tele2, and all attempts to contact a Microsoft support professional over the Internet has not brought the desired result, you need to use your "Personal Cabinet" on the website of the company Tele2 and try to solve the problem.