Try wiping stubborn bint vegetable oil. Wait a bit, to make sure that soaked all the layers of stubborn tissue and careful slow movements start unwinding the bandage. As necessary, continue to use the oil.
To during the procedure your patient had not experienced pain, freeze the spot with drying to the skin bintom pre-prepared pieces of ice.
If you removed the bandage from the child, be sure to include some favorite cartoon to distract him.
Removing stubborn bint, use 3% hydrogen peroxide. To do this, pour some solution in place of prosyhanija, and, after waiting a bit, remove the soaked layers. Also, for these purposes perfectly fit 2 – 3% boric acid.
If you are dealing with a fairly extensive wound that has not healed till the end, remember that bare hands it is possible to remove only the upper layers of the bandage. As you progress, use sterile gloves and definitely an antiseptic that will help you to soak a bandage to prevent wound infections. Use a solution furatsilina. You can buy in a drugstore ready-made or make your own by dissolving one tablet of furacilin in 100 ml of warm and boiled water definitely. As an antiseptic and otmachivajut means suitable and 0.9 % sodium chloride solution.
Method that can be used for small wounds. Pour into a clean basin of warm boiled water and immerse in it the injured limb with a stubborn bintom. After some time, the bandage will disappear by itself.
There are special medicines designed for easy and painless, removing stubborn bandage. Fitting to the sprays. Ask the pharmacy and buy a just in case.