Causes of ingrown nail

Most often, this disease suffer a great toe. The lateral side of the nail wraps and squeezes the skin. First you will feel only mild discomfort, but over time, the nail continues to deform and to sink even more in the finger, injuring the skin and causing severe pain. The finger swells, begins to bleed or fester. Start to treat ingrown nails in the initial stages of the disease.

Causes of onychocryptosis can be a fungal infection, orthopedic pathology, tight shoes, flat feet. Brassica nail can be the consequence of a deep cut corners of the nail plate during the pedicure. Diabetes, varicose veins and atherosclerosis increase the risk of disease.
The elderly (due to age deterioration of blood circulation in the lower extremities) and pregnant women (due to the extra load on the legs) are at risk.

We start treatment

Treatment should be aimed at the liberation of the grown area of the skin roller. The treatments are every day for two weeks until the plate will not grow back at a safe length. Prepare a solution of soda. For this dilute three litres of warm water a tablespoon of baking soda, razmeshivaya ingrown nail for twenty minutes. Try to get out the softened edge of the nail. Move under the edge portion of the floss or heavy paper, attach a piece of butter, cover with a cloth and bandage the finger. After a day remove the bandage and again wet the ingrown nail in a solution of soda. Repeat this procedure within fourteen days.

When nail has grown back to a safe length, it is necessary to give the plate the right shape. During treatment, the nail starts to thin in the Central part. The body seeks to correct the entire situation and directs the growth plate has in the center, not the corners. This effect will remain forever, if properly and timely to cut the nails.
Trim the nails with special scissors with straight blades exclusively in a straight line.

After the soda bath, grind with a nail file a small sliver of nail at the center (along the top layer). The notch in three millimeters soon completely overgrown. But be careful not to grind too deep. To get rid of inflammation, use of traditional methods. Make bath of succession, chamomile or calendula brew two tablespoons of herb per liter of boiling water. Start to wear airy shoes with a wide nose. Without pity get rid of tight and uncomfortable shoes, it's better to walk barefoot.