If possible, it is better to buy in a drugstore special case for elastic ankle. In appearance it resembles a conventional sock, but without the fingers and made of elastic bandage. It is very convenient and practical. But if you have not found such a case, then learn how to bandage an ankle to during exercise did not have to stop and bandage it.
To do this, take an elastic bandage. They are sold in pharmacies and are of different lengths. Do not buy too long, half meter will fit like a glove. Start the bandage from the base of the fingers. Each successive layer of bandage 2-3 cm overlap the previous. Gradually pull off the bandage, until the entire joint is secured. The end of the bandage attach the special brackets that are included.
If you got a sprain ankle, then bandaged the leg would have in the morning. Here may be suitable and usual bandage. Immediately getting out of bed, bandage them ankle. Cut the end of the bandage, fix the bandage. Note that bandage you for the whole day, so the bandage should not pinch the foot, as the blood will not be able to enroll in fingers. If you see blue, then immediately remove the bandage and tie a little weaker. In the evening before shower, be sure to remove the bandage so that the foot rested at night.
Try to keep the stretched leg higher, then the outflow of blood from the joint will not develop edema. Can also times a day to RUB in a sore ankle gel "Troxevasin".
During treatment, do daily before going to sleep massage the ankle joint. To do this, RUB both hands pumping movements of the ankle from the bottom up. Then grab the foot so that the thumbs were at the base, and the other on the rise. Gently massage the foot thumbs. Swipe pats on the foot.
Complete bandaging of the ankle until the pain finally pass. And in the future need to strengthen procedures for ankle: walk barefoot on the sand, the water, round the log, do contrast baths, exercise your feet. And be sure to wear comfortable shoes.