You will need
  • - the bandage;
  • - boric acid;
  • - chicken eggs;
  • grass celandine;
  • fresh potatoes, carrots, cabbage or pumpkin;
  • - black or green tea;
  • - fresh flowers of St. John's wort;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - sour cream;
  • - aloe juice;
  • - fresh leaves of plantain or burdock;
  • - dry clover flowers.
In severe burns with formation of blisters, apply a sterile dressing (ironed with a hot iron cloth or a bandage). Let the victim to drink more often. Be sure to call the doctor.
When extensive burns skin until the arrival of the ambulance the victim wrap the ironed sheet or towel. Give him 1-2 tablets of Panadol and plenty of fluids (mineral water, tea).
If you burn the eye to make cold lotions of boric acid solution: in a glass of water add half teaspoon of acid.
If you can not call a doctor, with a strong burn as fast as you can apply cotton wool soaked in protein fresh eggs. Repeat this procedure several times. Then the affected area of skin flush a couple of celandine (2 teaspoons of herbs pour a glass of boiling water) or hold it on the wound a compress for 40 minutes. For greater efficiency it is recommended to alternate the compresses with egg white and a couple of celandine every 40 minutes.
There are many folk remedies that help to treat thermal burns. Clear fresh potatoes, grate. Put the pulp on a cloth and apply to the affected area. When the compress warms up, it needs to change. Instead of potatoes you can use grated carrots. Burns also use fresh cabbage leaves as bandages and compresses from juice of the pumpkin.
A very effective recipe for the treatment of thermal burns – use to brew black or green tea. Brew the tea, cool the tea up to 13-15°. Pour the welding burnt skin, bandage. Periodically wet bandages brew, not allowing them to dry. This treatment should be carried out within 10-12 days.
A good home remedy for burns – St. John's wort oil. If you cook it in advance in your home first aid kit will always be an effective tool for the treatment of burns, wounds, sores and rashes on the lips. Take the fresh flowers of St. John's wort and oil (sunflower, olive, linseed or peach) in the ratio 1:2. Steep this mixture for 21 days in a closed Cabinet. Strain, and squeeze. In thermal burns apply on the affected skin oil compresses.
To treat burns with blisters prepare a mixture of 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, 2 tablespoons of sour cream and yolk of 1 egg. Thickly coat the burn and bandage. The bandage is enough to change 1 times per day.
Lubricate the burn with fresh aloe juice and saturate them with a gauze bandage. In the summer, for the treatment of burns use the green leaves and flowers. Apply pounded leaves of plantain or burdock. Another available prescription - lotions from the flowers of the red clover. To do this, 2-3 tablespoons of dried flowers scalded with boiling water, wrap in cheesecloth and apply on the burnt area of skin.