Because wound healing and the future aesthetic look of the place where the superimposed seam, also depends on the accuracy and timeliness of its removal, then keep in mind that it is better, if it will take a professional physician. So first of all think about going to a regular clinic or pay the medical facility where the procedure will undoubtedly spend more efficiently and quickly.If you are sure that the wound healed and won't cause no trouble, you can remove the stitch themselves, just find out how soon it can be done.
Gently remove the bandage that was covering your seam holding the skin with the spatula, forceps, gauze ball, etc., so she doesn't get stretched. If you had glued a band-aid, soak it tissue surface, and then remove it along the wound and not across, not to unwittingly reveal the wound and to hurt. If the bandage is stuck strongly, thoroughly moisten it with a solution of hydrogen peroxide with a gauze cushion.
The bandage on the foot or the hand can be soaked in a warm solution of potassium permanganate. In a sterile container, pour warm water and add a few drops of potassium permanganate solution (30%) – liquid needs to have an intense pink color. Then lower the limb with a bandage for approximately 5 minutes. When you take the blindfold off, then pull out of the water and the arm (or leg).
When you remove the bandage, it is not necessary to roll to wound, not yet completely healed, not infected. It's better just to cut it. The area of the joints can also be treated with a solution of iodine or medical alcohol.
For removing the weld head surgical tweezers and scissors and a small towel. Tweezers, very carefully pull one of the ends of the filament, which is usually fastened at the side of the seam line. Once you get two or three millimeter white thread, bring it under the sharp end of the scissors, cut the thread at the surface of the skin. Cut the thread with a knot on the sly pull with the tweezers. It is important that the thread that was on top, did not pass deep into the skin tissue and inadvertently infected her.
When completely finished this procedure, the scar area apply antiseptic and sterile bandage close.