The removal of the gypsum at home

To remove the plaster need instruments such as scissors, wire cutters or sharp knives. Self casts off quite easy even at home. The basic rule to be observed in this case – just put your doctor period the plaster is removed. After the plaster will already be removed, you need to go to the hospital for control tests. This process defines the procedures necessary for rehabilitation. No matter what part of the body was broken, but it was long enough to atrofirovany condition. Because of this, it, be it arm or leg, will be very difficult to carry out their direct functions.

After some time, remove the plaster?

The plaster is overlaid on the fixing bandage. There are two methods for removing plaster cast with this method. The first method is called dry, and the second with the effect of maceration. The removal of gypsum with the dry method is carried out with the use of a sharp knife or scissors. Work is carried out in such instrument from top to bottom with the wrong side of the plaster. Cut the plaster at once, but gradually, cut for cut. Cut off such pieces of plaster to the full withdrawal. More complicated process is the removal of stuck to the hair on the legs of gypsum. By removal of the stuck plaster a sharp movements. If you do it gradually, the pain will be much greater. Don't be afraid of the appearance of the feet or hands after its liberation from gypsum. Very often on the limbs after removal of plaster there are bruises. After some time they will disappear. After removing the plaster with his feet for some time, you should use crutches. Due to the long atrophy of the muscles to restore their work will take time.

Much easier to remove the plaster using the second method with maceration. Soaked in warm water and the plaster just cut it with scissors or a knife.

After the cast is removed, you need to consult with your doctor. Where necessary he will appoint additional procedure, the attending massage or physical therapy. The main thing to get the bone properly fused, and did not require additional treatment.

The plaster is usually prescribed by a doctor-the traumatologist. The term of a limb in plaster is often one to two months. According to statistics, the minimum period for treatment of bone is twenty-five days. The age of the patient much depends. Younger than he is, the faster the bone will heal and will heal. When the fracture initially carry out extraction. And then applied plaster.