You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Phillips screwdriver.
There are two types of video cards installed in laptops: integrated (internal) and a discrete (separate). Acceleration of integrated graphics is achieved by adding RAM. Carry out this process. Get the right memory and install it into the laptop.
Despite the large amount of memory the integrated video cards they are unable to cope with the most heavy applications. In order to be able to play games that requires powerful graphics card, install a discrete graphics card.
Read the specifications of the motherboard installed in your laptop. Find the type of slot that connects to a full graphics card. If such information is not in the manual to the motherboard, find it on the website of the manufacturer of your laptop.
Purchase a suitable graphics card. Disassemble the laptop by removing the desired number of mounting screws. Very carefully examine the cables connected to complete removing the lower cover.
Connect a full graphics card to the intended for her Jack. Connect all previously disconnected cables and reassemble the laptop. Turn on the device.
Install the full drivers for the new graphics card. Please note that the use of a discrete video card requires more power. This means that your laptop will run much less without recharging. To be able to switch video cards, install a special program.
If the laptop includes a Intel CPU then change the video card will happen automatically. If you use a processor company ATI (AMD), please visit the website and download from there the program AMD Engine Control Center. Install it and restart the laptop.
Run the program and select the Lowest energy consumption of the GPU to enable internal video card.