Advice 1: How to increase video memory

The amount of VRAM is very important for high performance in contemporary video games, as for normal operation, they require 256 megabytes of video memory. If it is not enough, video games either will not run or be very slow, so playing them would be impossible. There are several ways to increase the performance of the video system of the computer. In some cases, you can increase the amount of VRAM of your computer.
How to increase video memory
You will need
  • computer;
  • utility RivaTuner.
It is worth noting that to increase the amount of video memory is possible only by integrated graphics cards. These video cards can draw additional memory from the computer's memory. This can be done using the BIOS menu.
Turn on the computer, and press Del. Instead of the usual computer startup will open the BIOS menu. Locate the setting for Video RAM. Select it and press Enter. After that, select the desired amount of memory. Take into account that the memory is added with the RAM. If you have little RAM, in the end overall performance video system will not grow. Keep in mind the fact that integrated graphics cards are themselves quite weak and to wait for special productivity is not worth it. Although if you have a powerful processor, the percent increased performance of the video system grows.
The amount of memory discrete graphics is strictly fixed. To discrete graphics card you cannot add memory. But it is possible to increase the speed of the video memory, thereby increasing performance and video.
Download Internet utility RivaTuner. Install it, then restart your computer. Run the program. In its main menu will be written in the card model. Nearby there are two arrows. Click on the one that points to the right. Then select the icon named "low level system settings". Note the section called "memory Frequency". Next is the slider. Move it slightly to the right, about 30-50Hz. Then from the bottom of the window, click "Apply".
If playing the game, you don't notice any crashes, and the system does not hang, then graphics card with overclocking settings is working fine. If you wish, you can increase the speed a little more. But if the system starts to hang, the speed of the memory to be reduced. In this way you yourself can choose the optimum overclocking parameters.

Advice 2: How to increase ram memory

One of the easiest ways to increase computer performance is to increase the amount of RAM. To properly choose and install this equipment, it is necessary to observe some rules.
How to increase ram memory
You will need
  • Speccy.
Start to learn how to select the operational memorysuitable for your computer. Open the manual to the motherboard or search for it on the Internet. To do this, go to the official website of the manufacturer of the motherboard.
Find out the kind of RAM supported by this motherboard. It can be the following types: Dimm, DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3.
Now install a program that will help you to learn more information about installed RAM bars. As an example, install the utility Speccy. It is quite simple to use, so is suitable for any user.
Run the program. Go to the menu "Operational memory". This menu contains all the information necessary for a complete review of the existing memory modules and the status of the motherboard.
Examine the first paragraph:the memory Slots
Number of memory slots 2
Occupied memory slots 2
Free memory slots 0.As you can see, in this case occupied all the RAM slots. You may have a different situation, and you don't have to change the already installed memory modules.
Go to the next item:DDR3
The Amount Of 4096 MB
Channels Two
Frequency DRAM 665.4 MHz.After reviewing the contents of this sub-paragraph, it is possible to draw two conclusions:1 – the motherboard supports dual-channel mode;
2 – the frequency of the new memory modules should not be lower than 665 MHz.
Purchase a suitable strap memory. If on the motherboard there are two available slots for connecting RAM, better to buy 2 straps, the amount of which is equal to X than the same level 2X. This will improve the performance of the RAM by 10-15%.
Turn off the computer and connect the new memory modules. If during booting, system will give an error, remove the old strap and then turn on the computer. Of course, after successful boot, turn off PC and return the old boards to their rightful place.
Usually the slots to install identical memory cards separate colors.
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