You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
Before you choose a way to increase the graphics memory of your computer, view the current configuration in the properties of the desktop on the tab "Adapter". If you are using an external graphics card connected to the motherboard, you can replace it with a more modern model, suitable to the model of the motherboard. Compatibility options update on the official website of the manufacturer of the video card on the preview page of the device configuration.
If you own a laptop, and in its configuration there is a built in motherboard video card, check its model, the ability to install external graphics card. If the motherboard does not support installing a new video card, you can replace it, and can use the allocation portion of computer memory to the graphic memory in the BIOS. The overall performance of your computer will be slightly lower, and the clipboard of graphics card will work faster.
If you have the extra memory modules, extra strap buy appropriate motherboard model. If the memory slots are already filled, replace the memory Board with higher performance regarding its volume for further distribution to the video card of the computer. If integrated graphics card is used in a conventional computer, in most cases, there is a possibility to install external module.
Use a variety of software methods to increase the video memory. You can also release a graphic memory with complete unused programs, set maximum performance in computer properties and so on.
Also you can download to your computer special software, which creates additional profiles to run games in which after restarting the computer frees a significant amount of VRAM due to the closure of some system programs will not be required to run computer games.
Please note that the best way to increase graphics memory will still be replacement of equipment, reduction of resourcebundlebasename of the computer by closing programs running in the background and simplifying the user interface. In case of faulty operation of the software and games will also sure that the problem lies in the graphics card, not other equipment.