Before you take steps to increase memory of graphics cards, it is desirable to conduct a set of common activities to enhance computer performance. Update the drivers of graphics cards, s. Install antivirus and scan the system drive. Often malware removal is more effective than increasing memory size. Do not use pirated antivirus. Not to buy a subscription, you can use an antivirus utility DrWeb CureIT.
Determine the current amount of memory used by video cardsOh. Run the DirectX diagnostic utility. To do this, press the keyboard key combination Win+R, in the dialog, enter dxdiag and press Enter. Go to the display tab. Find the line "total memory". The numbers next to it mean full amount of memory (system and private), which of the graphics cardsand uses for their needs. If this value is not enough, you can try to increase it.
To increase the amount of system memory allocated for graphics cards, you open the configuration utility ATI Catalist Control Center. Find the value of "UMA frame Buffer". Install the maximum possible value. In the nVidia drivers this is not, memory is allocated automatically. The only way to change it is to increase the amount of system memory of the computer that will cause an increase in the amount of memory allocated to graphics cardsE.
Overclocking is not a method of increasing the amount of memory cardss, but can greatly increase its speed. In order to disperse the iron, it is necessary to use appropriate tools. For ATI is ATI Tray Tools, but for nVidia the best program is RivaTuner. Accelerated three-dimensional graphics accelerator will certainly require a more powerful cooling because the dissipation will increase. It is necessary to control the temperature of the chip, overheating can cause permanent damage to video cards.