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Under the overclocking in a laptop is usually meant changing its parameters to improve performance when working with a particular application or close them. Integrated graphics themselves take the necessary share the computer's memory, thereby fueling its resources. External video cards have their own RAM that allows them to consume system resources, thus slowing down its work.
To overclock the video card, disable the options that can slow down many applications. Most often they are: vertical sync (vertical sync), anisotropic filtering and 3D buffering. If for a particular application is not important one of these parameters, it should be disabled. To do this, open the control panel of your video card. In the case of Radeon, it will be ATI Catalyst Control Center.
How to disperse <b>graphics card</b> <strong>laptop</strong>
Go to the tab Gaming (Games), subparagraph 3D Application Settings 3D applications). Suggest you turn off vertical sync, because it sufficiently slows down the processing speed of the image in the game. As for anisotropic filtering, it does not really load the video card. But buffering for 3D application should be disabled only if their mandatory availability is required a program or game. I just want to mention that after disabling some settings, the picture quality in games will be a little worse, but latency and other lag should disappear.
How to disperse <b>graphics card</b> <strong>laptop</strong>