According to experienced specialists in laptop repair most of the problems with the keyboard caused due to neglect with this useful gadget. The tea party is in the process of the computer, poor care for young children and Pets lead to damage to the keyboard, and maybe more important components of the PC.

What should I do if the keyboard is filled with tea (coffee, wine) or stained with food

The main thing to do in this situation is to turn off the laptop, you have to complete the work, turn off the power supply from the network, pull the battery. You can then a paper towel to remove food or drink caught in the keyboard.

Please note! After priming the laptop is efficiently dried with a Hairdryer. But in this case it is impossible to ensure that no liquid gets on the motherboard and flooded with will not lead damage. Therefore, the main recommendation - do not eat or drink in the working process of the laptop!

What if a broken one or a few keys

Long fingernails, Pets, young children can damage the attachment of one or more keys. If you are an alien technology and to remove existing keyboard and to fix in its place a new quite simple.

But the new keyboard for laptop - a rather expensive purchase (of course, for the price with the motherboard or processor it will not compare, but the price of laptop keyboard is noticeably higher than a standard computer USB or PS/2), so we can find a compromise:

- In a repair shop for office equipment maybe find a used laptop keyboard a suitable model to you and maybe you will sell it cheaper than the amount that I ask for a new one.

- Try to buy the normal computer keyboard connected via USB and connect it to the laptop. Perhaps it's the "replacement" of a keyboard of laptop completely suits you. By the way, you can find a very handy compact USB keyboard.