The main drawback of the integrated videoipod is a relatively weak performance. Built-in video cards use the computer's memory. To improve the quality of graphics in some games will change the settings in the graphics card.
Many integrated graphics initially use a small amount of RAM. When you run a powerful graphics application, the device automatically gets the desired number of segments of RAM. Change the maximum value of the used volume. Restart the computer or laptop.
Open the BIOS menu by pressing the desired key. As a rule, the description of the function keys available in the first boot menu. After opening the main window menu BIOS go to Advanced Chipset Features (Advanced Options).
Remember that the names of certain items may be different depending on the motherboard model of your computer.
Now highlight the Frame Buffer Size and press Enter. Set the maximum memory allocation. In most cases it makes no sense to allow to use more than 30% of total RAM. This will only lead to slowing down your computer.
Some versions of the motherboard allow you to change not only the maximum but also the minimum value of the allocated RAM. Open the menu AGP (PCI Express) to find the field Apertura size.
Increase the current value of the volume doubled. If your video card already uses 256MB, then changing this option will not bring the desired result.
Also change the settings of video card you can use the software. Download the program from the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard or the CPU. Configure the integrated chip, using the selected application.