You will need
  • Computer, video card, the program ATItool
If you have an integrated video card, to increase the amount of memory in the BIOS. Be aware of the fact that integrated graphics do not have their own memory and take all the resources from RAM. If your computer has little memory, add the amount of VRAM is useless. This will reduce the overall system performance.
Turn on the computer and continuously press the Del key. You will find yourself in the BIOS menu. Then look for the row of the Video RAM. Select it and press Enter. A line will appear where you can choose how much memory from the RAM will pick up the video card. Select the desired value. Save the BIOS settings. After restarting the computer the volume computer video card will increase.
If you have a separate discrete graphics card, amount of video memory of this card can't be increased. In the discrete graphics card installed memory chips, the memory in these cards is strictly fixed. But this does not mean that the speed of the memory in such cards cannot be increased.
Download a universal program for overclocking memory speeds of video cards ATItool. This is the most simple and easy for beginners program. There is support for Russian language.
Run the program ATItool. A window will appear with the available options. From the list select the tab "Acceleration". Find the tab MEMORY CLOCK. Note, the interface depending on the version of the program may be different. If your version of the program ATItool completely Russified, it is likely that instead of the MEMORY CLOCK can be written in "memory Speed". Move the slider slightly to the right. You will see that the rate of speed of the memory increased slightly. Save the settings by pressing OK.
Now you need to check the possibility of working new settings. In the program menu, click "Open 3D window". Begin the process of testing the settings of the graphics card. Processing time may exceed 20 minutes. During this process, follow screen. If the image on screen gets distorted, white dots appear, it means that you have exceeded the overclocking speed of the graphics card. Follow the same procedure, only the slider is set to a smaller value. If the test was successful, then the memory can work at this frequency. You can try to overclock even more.
In this way, determine the maximum frequency of the video memory, where the test in the 3D window will occur normally without distortion. When defining the maximum operating frequency, save the settings.