You will need
  • Computer;
  • - video card ATI or nVidia;
  • software Catalyst Control Center for ATI video cards;
  • program RivaTuner for the video card nVidia
If you have a graphics card from ATI, for overclocking you need to install the software Catalyst Control Center. It should be on the driver disk. Also download this app from the official website. Install the app, then restart the computer.
After rebooting the PC just right click on an empty space on the desktop and in the resulting shortcut menu, choose Control Center. In the window that appears, select "Advanced" and click "Next". Window appears advanced settings. In the upper left corner is the arrow. Click on it with the left mouse button, and then click ATI Overdrive. In the ensuing window, click the lock icon. So you will unlock access to overclocking parameters of a graphics card.
Now, notice the two strips. They are the sliders. Moving these sliders, you can increase the power of the graphics card. First, slide the top slider slightly to the right. So you will increase the speed of the processor card. Then also move the slider at the bottom of the strip. This way you will increase the speed of the memory card. Then click Apply and OK. The power of the graphics card increased. If the video card is working fine with these settings, you can try to increase the power a little more.
If you are the owner of graphics card nVidia, you will need RivaTuner. Download it and install on your computer. Run the program. In the main menu will be written the model of your graphics card. Next to the map name is arrow. Click it and in the ensuing menu, select "low level system settings". A window will appear with two bars. Moving the sliders to the right, you increase the horsepower of the video card. The procedure is the same as in the previous case.