If you want to improve the performance of the integrated graphics card, first configure the parameters of its work. For a start, reduce the screen resolution for a specific application. Now open a program that allows you to configure the settings of your graphics card. Go to menu settings 3D applications.
Find "Anisotropic filtering" and set it to the parameter "per-Pixel samples". Now locate the menu "Level of detail multiple images" and move the slider to "High performance". In the menu "Vertical sync" or "Wait for vertical refresh" set to "Always off".
In settings Open GL settings, select or clear the check mark from "Triple buffering". Save the settings of the graphics card. Remember that integrated video card is powered by the CPU and RAM. Increase memory RAM. For maximum performance your video card the necessary amount of memory three times greater than the maximum amount of memory your video card.
If you need to improve discrete VGA card, then the only possible method, in addition to software, this is her replacement. Select the new video cardwith the right port to connect to your motherboard.
Buy a new video card and connect it to your laptop or desktop computer. If you are dealing with mobile computer, you must make sure that his motherboard actually has a slot to connect a discrete graphics card. Naturally, special attention to the size of the video card. Not all graphics cards fit into certain models of laptops. Be sure to update the software after installing a new video card.