You will need
  • - remote control;
  • - instructions to the TV.
Carefully read the instructions. There must be specified a special code – a set of numbers that you should press on the remote control to arm or disarm the lock, and the steps required to unlock the TV.
In that case, if the manual is lost, attempt to remember what actions led to blocking the TV.
Press on the remote control button "P" and "+" simultaneously. Enter three or four random numbers. Usually such combinations are of the form "333" or "4444" and coincide with the numberω of frequently used channel. The most common standard password lock are also the numbers "1234", "1111", etc. Again hit the " + " button. If unblock TV is not successful, try to repeat with a different combination of numbers.
After pressing buttons "P" and "+" led on the remote lit without interruptions. If using this combination, you failed to unlock the TV, try pressing simultaneously the "Menu" button and "Volume +" "Menu" and "Channel +" and then repeat the combination.
Some models of TV sets support the locking system one button operation: press one button and hold for 5-10 seconds. If unblock TV still does not work, carefully inspect the TV and the remote control (including under the battery) – they can be a guide for unlocking the body code.