First of all, consult the professionals who deal with these issues and can give advice on the Internet online. This will simplify the task and reduce the possibility of making mistakes. If you are not afraid to deal with the problem yourself, call for help professionals satellite TV operator, ready to come at your first call. Information of this kind you can always find on the operator's website and in Newspapers.
Now you need to determine the services of any satellite TV operator you use. Without this it is impossible to do the unlock. Currently, the most popular is the "Tricolor" and "rainbow". Remember that the satellite channels you can watch by connecting the receiver installing and configuring a satellite antenna. There is a certain package of free channels. To view the other (pay) channels have to pay to unlock the signal.
Please note that any such system is equipped with a special protection that resists cracking. That is why to unlock you must obtain special keys. You can buy them from the operator of satellite television or on the radio at points, distributing legal goods. These keys will give an opportunity to see virtually any pay-encoded channel, but in trial mode. If you want to get this channel on the subscription, required the purchase of special cards.
The only way a full legal unlock signal to purchase a special card to access a set of channels. You can buy it through the Internet, and also in the office of the satellite TV operator. Sometimes these cards are sold with it. The cost of such cards is usually small. For example, the operator "Tricolor" on more than 100 channels, for a year's subscription costs only 600 rubles.
In addition, you can log in to your personal account on the operator's website and choose a package of channels or even individual channels independently. This will protect you from unauthorized programs that contain viruses. After you select a new package or individual channels, the receiver needs to be restarted.