You will need
  • - instruction.
Review the manual for your TV model, you find the special universal code to unlock it. If user manual is missing you for some reason, you can download it from official manufacturer's website, or running a query on the Internet. To view the manual, most likely you will need Adobe Acrobat.
Please note that this sequence provides only in case you have a remote control. If you do not, you can purchase it in specialty shops of home appliances in your city.
If you can't find the remote for your TV model, please contact with the Russian representatives of the manufacturer to learn where it is possible to order the remote control device. Also not superfluous will be to check the availability of the product in online stores.
If you for some reason, there is no opportunity to purchase a control panel, contact a service center to unlock. If you are aware of the code, report it to specialists. Also if you have certain skills you can collect a remote control themselves.
Check in your manual in the specified combinations unlock when pressing the buttons from the front panel of the TV. This happens in rare models, and, most often, in order to get to the unlock menu, again you may need the remote.
Also note that you can try to use the remote control device from any other device, but preferably the same manufacturer. In any case you should check this option before you call the master or take the TV to service.