You will need
  • - soldering iron;
  • two infrared led;
  • - solder.
The first thing you need to do is transfer your TV in the service menu. In older models with a firmware version of not higher than 3.15 this is done quite simply. Bring the unit to the infrared signal receiver located on the front of the TV, press and hold for a few seconds click "OK" in the console and in device. On the screen you should see a box with cells for entering the password. Enter the password of four zeros.
On TVs with a firmware above 3.15 there are several ways of calling the service menu: software and hardware. Using a programmatic method, you need to download the 3.15 firmware for your model and install it. For a hardware method you solder parallel to the infrared LEDs.
Connect them to the sound source, it is desirable to the amplifier to the speaker. Upload a sound file, you can find it on specialized resources. Bringing LEDs to an infrared receiver, reproduce the received file. Adjusting the volume repeatedly until the desired blink rate of the LEDs.
If you have a smartphone based on the Symbian OS or Windows Mobile, with available on-Board device infrared port, install the software irRemote for Symbian OS NoviiRemote for Windows Mobile. With its help, you can also enter the service menu of your TV.
In the menu select Tool Option3. Change the settings of the item with zero EMF per unit, now the TV can play music and photos. For video playback, change the paragraph to Divx HD. Other items leave without change. Save the settings and turn off the TV. After you enable the menu will have an additional label with the image of the USB port.