Think about what cable channels you want to decode. This is necessary in order to obtain the necessary information, such as password. If you have no special skills, it is unlikely that you will be able to hack such ways of encoding cable channels, Viaccess, Cryptowoks, Nagravision or Irdeto 2. Here you either need to invite a highly qualified professional who will be able to decode cable channels or try to find on the web the keys to the encoding.
Go on the Internet. There, as you know, you can find anything. Open coding to premium cable channels no one to put will not. Sign up to multiple forums on relevant topics and ask for advice from competent in the matter of people. Perhaps you are lucky, you will come across the right forum thread, where those already described are necessary for the decoding operation, and the keys to the encoding of the paid cable channels.
Ask around friends. Surely they or someone they know have had to deal with pay cable TV. Maybe one of them will tell you the appropriate specialist who will be able to decode the desired channel. Note that the signal coming to you from a common dispenser, permanently fixed, so not worth too much impudent.
Order a specialist to decode several cable channels. The difference in the signal level in this case will be negligible. In this case it will be the standard for allowable deviation.
If the right person cannot be found, will sign a personal contract with a company providing you with cable TV. Expand your existing package for a few desired channels. In this case, the monthly fee is unlikely to increase significantly.