Advice 1: How to decode digital channels

When buying a new television are faced with this problem, as decoding of digital channels. Some easy to solve, others are subject to certain difficulties. The least of the problems arise from those who purchase a special device - decoder. In the form it is usually card for legal access to digital TV. The signal received by the satellite antenna and sent to the receiver, is decoded by a special dw-keys.
How to decode digital channels
You will need
  • - satellite antenna;
  • - DVB-card;
  • program ProgDVB;
  • - plug-MD Yankse TT 1.32.2;
  • plugin Softcam Server 1.2.3
Install in slot of your computer's motherboard DVB-card SkyStar 2. Download and install legendary program ProgDVB. It has a user-friendly interface, free and works flawlessly. Under it is written enough plugins that can decode the digital channels.
Install the plugin 1.32.2 MD Yankse TT. It allows you to dynamically observe through their monitors, the process of selection of a key. Its installation is not difficult, you only need only to unzip the archive with the program in the root of the program ProgDVB. The plugin will then appear in the tab "Plugins".
Install the Softcam Server 1.2.3 in the root of the program ProgDVB. It downloads from the Internet a decryption algorithm and key. They change all the time, otherwise why monthly payment, but sometimes a change of key to happen much faster, for example, NTV+ changes every 15 seconds. But the channelsthat are encoded in the system Cryptoworks and BISS, they change so often, and their base - files softcam.key, keys.bin, easy.key, free.
Run ProgDVB, configure satellite antenna and scan it. Save the resulting channels. They will then appear in the left part of the program. Open or FTA channels are highlighted green button, when you open them with no problems. Closed or coded channels in the system BISS and Cryptoworks – red. Click on one of them, wait 4-5 seconds and the plugin will begin to decrypt. No settings change is not necessary, by default, they already bear quite logically, everything is done in automatic mode. If there is a delay, then do this: click Plugins > yankse > Show Monitor, resulting in the de-encryption process will begin forcibly. In plugins may not be currently valid key, so enter it manually in the pop-up window. This method, although in many countries it is illegal, but in Russia it is not liable.

Advice 2 : How to decode TV

Lock TV is a handy feature, limiting free access to his children. If your TV is locked by chance, there is an urgent need for the lock.
How to decode TV
You will need
  • - remote control;
  • - instructions to the TV.
Carefully and thoughtfully read the instructions. Usually it is indicated by a special code, representing the set of buttons pressed on the remote control to remove or put a lock on the TV.
If the manual is lost, try to remember that pressing any of the buttons caused the suspension of the TVand reproduce these actions.
If it is not possible to know why the TV is locked and the manual is also not available, press the remote control buttons "P" and "+" simultaneously. If these buttons did not help, use simultaneously pressing the buttons "Menu" and "Volume +" "Menu" and "Canal +".
If the previous steps do not yield the desired result, after pressing "P" and " + " enter 3 or 4 random numbers. Usually these combinations have a "222" or "333" and coincide with a number of the most frequently used channel. Another option common button combinations locks are "1234", "1111". Then again, the " + " button. If failed to unlock, repeat step 4 with another combination of numbers.
Perhaps on your TV blocking is done by pressing a single key. It should be on the remote control or on the front panel of the TV. Press it and hold for 5-10 seconds.
If all previous steps did not help you to unlock the TV, carefully inspect the entire body of the TV and remote control, look in the battery compartment. You may find some writing with the unlock code.
Chaotic pressing all the buttons in a row can severely hurt. Do not allow children to play with the TV remote, or they can block the TV.
Useful advice
Each time you try unblock TV, remember, better write down all your actions.
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