You will need
  • remote control;
  • - instruction.
Remember the combination that you enter in order to block your TV. Enter the same combination on your remote control and check if the lock is lost. Please note that different manufacturers has its own locking system, but in some cases, actions to release the lock can be the same.
Try for long time to press the Display button on your remote (sometimes even up to two minutes). Also try other buttons on your remote, for example, the toggle button sound or channels. Check out the other buttons associated with the setting of your TV that are not related to the numerical part of the remote.
Locate the manual for your TV, read the menu about unlock protect the TV from children. If for any reason it is not you can download it from official manufacturer's website, selecting in menu your TV model. Do not use the instructions from similar models, all must match.
Open the manual and browse the last pages, usually the universal unlock code is indicated on its last page, which is why it is not recommended to use the instructions from other models.
If you have no remote control from your TV, obtain the appropriate model of your device at the nearest points of sales radio. Please note that if you don't find a remote specifically for your model, you can try to use another remote control device from any model of this manufacturer, however, this doesn't work in all cases.
If you have not helped a different combination, contact the special service center for TV repair. Also if not expired manufacturer's warranty, you can contact us by phone to their tech support, and calling the model and serial number of your TV to get the instructions for unlock.