You will need
  • - remote control (remote control);
  • a TV brand Samsung;
  • - room or Central antenna;
  • - when connecting to a digital TV must have a digital STB.
Any settings in the Samsung TV (channel search, change screen resolution, image, sound) are produced by using the "Service menu" which is accessed by pressing the Menu button on the remote control.

If you just purchased the TV, the "Service menu" is in English, so before you proceed with the rest of the settings, change the language to Russian.

Press the Menu button on the remote control, the screen shows "Service menu" of the TV, select with the arrow cursor (up, down) the Setup (settings). Then press Enter on the remote control to enter the setting mode. Again the arrow-cursor, select Language (Language). Of the proposed stop in Russian.
Search (setup) channels, is also carried out using the "Service menu". Press Menu on the remote control, then select "Settings", where you will be offered a list of options, select "Search/channel configuration".
Here it will be possible to digital or analog channel search, depending on the connection your TV. Then you will need to choose how will be the setup and search for channels manually or automatically, select "Manual" or "auto".

The automatic setting channel search will be carried out without your participation. The programs will be automatically assigned a room that in the future you will be able to change. Channels that you watch most often, you will be able to assign the first numbers on the remote control.
Image setup is similar to the previous settings. Menu button on the remote control, then select "Image". Here you can select the optimum image by changing your settings for "Contrast", "Sharpness", "Brightness", "Color" arrows-cursors changing the value of the scale parameter in the big or smaller party.
Audio settings also can be customized. On the remote control Menu, "Settings", "Sound". In this select quality and sound system of the proposed. Depending on the model Samsung TVs have different sets and sound quality. Current models have the surround sound, Dolby, EQ.