Advice 1: How to decode satellite TV channels

At the moment satellite TV is an excellent alternative to conventional UHF antennas and a cable TV. After all, for the price they do not differ from each other. On the contrary, put the plate, and you'll find dozens of channels that you can view absolutely free without any additional monthly fees. With cable TV this will not work.
How to decode satellite TV channels
In any case, you will have to pay a certain amount of money monthly. On UHF channels is not worth saying – they catch only the most popular public channels. The only difficulty is setting up a satellite dish and receiver, which is responsible for signal reception. Also, if you have enough free channels you can try to decode pay.

In order to decode the channels of the satellites, you need to have certain skills and abilities. First of all, it should be noted that there are many systems of coding, such as Viaccess, Nagravision, Cryptoworks, Irdeto 2 and many others.
It is understood that the most popular satellite channels have fairly strong protection from hacking their encodings. If you do decide to crack, the Internet to find special keys, after entering which you will have access to the most popular coded satellite channels.
Also in the vast expanses of the Internet you can purchase a special access card. Don't worry, they are cheap. For a few dollars you get unlimited access to the most popular entertainment, information and sports TV channels. The latter method is the most optimal for many users of satellite dishes, since it eliminates the need to purchase keys to a particular system of encoding information. There are many sites where you can find these cards, which include various packages of TV channels.
If you are not able to find and decode most popular frequency of satellite channels, seek the assistance of experienced professionals, who for years engaged in the decoding of signals and will help you to solve your problem. Naturally, these services cost some money. But believe me, it's worth it, because you'll get a wide range of thousands of channels wherever you will probably be able to find the channel, looking through which, you'll get incredible aesthetic pleasure.

Advice 2: How to decrypt satellite channels

If you purchased a satellite dish, then you need to take from her everything possible and impossible, that is, the maximum number of channels. The owners of satellite TV are trying to do everything that the clients paid for their services. Naturally, they can understand, but the reality is that we have to adapt to the conditions of survival. As a rule, the most interesting channels are available. Besides, there is a well-known rule: forbidden fruit is sweet. That is why everybody is so eager to decode encoded satellite channels.
How to decrypt satellite channels
The easiest and most reliable way to unlock channel satellite television might sound kind of funny. Just take it and honestly pay for the services of this channel. In such a situation will be available all the gears on it, and you'll sleep knowing that your conscience is clear.
However, we all know that the cost of watching foreign TV channels is often too high, so resort to the following variant of decoding. Buy a card emulator that allows you to view encoded satellite channels. These cards are in most cases made in pirate terms, and also cost money, but maybe this option will cost you less.
Outwardly of the card-emulator similar to conventional calling cards. Using them is very simple: the processor card from your computer, download the program for work with the tuner and the firmware containing the IDs of foreign providers, download in memory card. All foreign providers are releasing packages for a specific number of channels. To open a map, enter a specific code channel. The card can fit from 16 to 40 channels, it all depends on the type and encoding versions.
To update the encoding and, consequently, to increase the number of channels that can reflash the card, but it is better to buy a programmer that will solve all the problems with the update. Also look in the shops of commercial cards with a high level of protection. They will cost a lot, given that you will have to buy the programmer. But it's up to you.
Another option to decode satellite channels – sharing. Today it is one of the cheapest ways to watch your favorite channels. For this buy one the official map and connect it to multiple subscribers at the same time. Thus, you pay for the channel, but only a certain part and not the entire amount. Provider, of course, is not appreciated, but you as the audience will be comfortable.

Advice 3: How to find the satellite "Yamal"

"Yamal"is one of the most popular and sought after companions broadcast, which transmits the signal to a variety of Russian channels that are in the public domain. To adjust the satellite dish on Yamal is not necessary to invite specialists. This can be done independently.
How to find the satellite "Yamal"
You will need
  • antenna;
  • receiver;
  • - building level;
  • - protractor;
  • - the plumb.
To start collect and check the antenna. Its the rack, install vertically. To do this, use a construction level. If the antenna has a ring, it should be placed horizontally.
Calculate the angle at which the visible satellite. The seat angle is the slope at which the antenna is vertical looks to the satellite. Using the plumb line and protractor school set the mirror antenna. The coordinates of the cities can be found on many websites on the Internet.
Next, configure the satellite receiver. Go to "Menu" – "settings", click "find channels" and then "antenna setup". In the "lo Frequency" put 5150.
The satellite name, enter any word. The depolarizer paste in the Converter is not necessary, since it is unknown in what position it needs to be. Strongest transponder is accepted without it. Then click OK.
Enter the speed 28000, 3645 transponder frequency, FEC¾, and click OK again.
The receiver will try to find channels, but you won't find them. This is necessary in order to show the scale of the digital signal and a scale which measures the analog level. In some receivers you need to press the Exit button to go to the terminal settings and find the control signal. If the antenna is not tuned to the satellite, both scales will show < 0 >.
Now gently twist the antenna in azimuth. As soon as it hits the satellite, the analog level will start to rise, and the second scale will appear as.
Adjust the antenna vertically and horizontally to achieve the best possible signal quality. Next find in Internet a list of frequencies of the satellite "Yamal", set the terminal and enjoy your favorite channels.
When choosing an antenna, it is better to give preference to Russian production, as the Chinese segment of the antenna is characterized by poor geometry of the mirror and work only 20% in Ku band.
Useful advice
For the antenna it is better to have a regular signal, not the receiver. With it, you will find the satellite faster. Don't forget to insert a depolarizer after the antenna, as it gives a gain for the signal two times.
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