You will need
  • Samsung TV of any type (CRT, LCD, plasma, LED);
  • - remote control;
  • antenna (analog room, street, cable or STB digital television.
Turn on the TV, make sure antenna (digital set-top box) correctly connected to the special socket on the rear panel of the TV. Then, proceed to configure the channels on the TV.
Click "menu" ("menu") on the remote control. If the menu is in English (Spanish, German etc.) language, a little stroll through the settings and switch to Russian. Before you open the menu to change any settings of the built-in firmware. Select "search/channel configuration".
The Samsung TV will allow you to choose the type of connection (digital or analog) and the type of channel search (manual or automatic). Decide with the above mentioned things and proceed to search.
How to set channels on Samsung TV
Adjust each channel separately. The extra channels can be deleted, and missing try to find it again. If you are searching of channels with an ordinary analog indoor antenna, in this case, the playback quality of channels will largely depend on its location. Select the optimum location for the antenna, and then individually view each channel for signs of extraneous noise and television interference.