You will need
  • - TV
  • - remote control;
  • - instruction.
Take remote control of the TV. If he lost, you may need to buy a new one. You can do it in electronics stores or on the radio. The fact is that often childproof locks the buttons on the TV and disable it without a remote it is impossible. Press the "Menu" button. From the rows, select "Settings", then "Protection of children". Select "Off".
Perhaps on your TV child protection set with a password. If you don't remember, try typing 0000. In case of failure, try to find the default password in the instructions. In some models, the protection is removed by holding down the or Disp Stbuy. There may be other options, for example, a joint press certain buttons. Information about this can be found in the instructions.
If the statement from TV's lost, look for it on the Internet. There you can find a list of universal passwords and ways to remove the protection. Possible print it out and keep it out of reach of children. Sometimes included in child accept the fact that the TV stops responding to button presses. This is not always the case. Sometimes it is enough just to change the batteries in the remote, or make sure that all the buttons in order.
If the above does not work, you should contact the service center. You may be able to help on the phone. However, it is likely that this breakage and the TV needs to be repaired. Do not be tempted to get a result at random. You can knock down the settings and get lost completely.
There is also an external protection device that blocks the signal, that is, all programs at once. In the settings you can set parameters, for example, the time during which protection is in effect. The control is via key card. Disable protection in the absence of a key alone is not possible.