Open the remote and replace the batteries. It is possible that they have simply not able to support its full operation. Turn on the TV and see has anything changed for the better. If not, try to find in the technical documentation a key to unlock.
Check whether you have set by accident on the TV a mode of protection against children. Learn how you can unlock your TV, in this case, you can read the instructions.
Check to see if the TV's so-called "hotel mode" (HOTEL MODE), if the remote can only change channels. Read the user manual of TV of this brand and learn how you can bring it out of this mode. Often, however, these settings are not documented and can only be changed when you log in a special engineering menu (service mode), cause which is possible only in case if you are aware of the key combination on the remote.
Power off the TV. One of the universal combinations to exit the engineering menu is "MUTE" - "1", "8", "2" - "POWER". At the TV of this brand, imported from Europe, often triggered by the combination of: "STANDBY" - "DISPLAY" – "MENU" – "MUTE" – "POWER". When you enter the service mode, all settings of the user menu are reset.
If these combinations do not work, see select the model of your TV from the list, download the file in archived format .rar or .zip., open a text document and read the sequence of keystrokes to enter the service mode. Here you can find information about the memory configuration of your TV model, which is reprogrammed using a special device (programmer) you reset the settings. However, this method is better left to professionals if you do not have sufficient skills.
If your TV is not listed, please contact the forum TV technician. Go to the website sign up and create a theme. Specify the question, specifying the make and model of your TV. It is possible that the wizard will tell you how you can go to the service mode. To contact them makes sense and in all other cases (for example, in order to find the key to unlock the TV if it is not specified in its technical documentation). However, if the TV is still under warranty, better to contact the service center. The fact that his memory is recorded time, all references to the engineering menu and if you will not be able to own it unlocked in warranty repairs you may refuse.
Do not attempt to reprogram the TV if you do not know the purpose of certain settings. Many of them are responsible for the technical condition of the nodes, TV, and tampering with them can lead to irreversible consequences.