Please contact your service provider and with satellite TV. Find out prices on the channels. Sign the agreement, indicating the amount of monthly payment and special keys by which you rasterbate pay channels. Also, these keys can be find online on various forums and sites devoted to satellite TV. However, in this case the preview will be illegal and might shut down unexpectedly you from the coding system information.
Get a special access card on one of the sites on the Internet. They are quite cheap and cost about 2-3 dollars. You can pick different packages or only connect on certain channels. Enter the purchased card and get unlimited access to a variety of informational, entertainment and sports channels.
Install the PC DVB card of type Skystar 2 and ProgDVB application. It will allow you to connect a satellite dish directly to the computer which will be used for decoding. Download the software s2emu and MD Yanksee. Find applications on the Internet, however, it is desirable to select reliable sources and to check the files for viruses.
Install any of the plugins in the root folder of ProgDVB and run the latest. Open the menu folder "Plugins" where you should see the corresponding section. Start s2emu or MD Yanksee and scan transponders. The result roccodeluca a few paid channels. Check in the left pane, all the satellite channels, which are marked in red. Those related to BISS and Cryptowork, will be open. Save the settings.
Connect to your personal computer, cardsharing through the plug-csc This method of decoding pay TV channels similar to the previous one, but requires a monthly payment and is semi-legal.