You will need
  • - special access keys;
  • - access card;
  • receiver;
  • - a satellite dish;
  • - TV
  • - a computer connected to the Internet.
Before starting the decoding, determine the signal coding system, standing beside you. The most popular system Nagravision, Irdeto 2, Viaccess and Cryptoworks. To watch popular channels it is possible to pre-configure a satellite dish and receiver, responsible for receiving of satellite signal. However, there is a category of paid channels to view the races requireencoding.
Note that these systems are equipped with anti-burglary coding, so you must have special access keys, enter which will open the way to any popular signals even with complex encoding. In order to acquire these keys, go to the Internet and download them, given your signal coding system.
If you don't want to search long and download from dubious sites on the Internet the keys, you get a special access card with the tariff sets the TV channels. Once the access keys can be found on the web. They are different for each city or region. Cards are relatively cheap. They open free access to any and your chosen channels. Therefore, it is not surprising that many users of satellite dishes choose this method of decoding.
In the case when you are not quite confident in their search skills in a vast network of the Internet, contact the professionals involved in the decoding of the channels. Paying money for their services, you will surely get access to a large variety of popular channels, among them necessarily will find enjoyable attractions.