Use Smectite in rotavirus infections, poisoning: prevention and treatment of a severe allergic reaction, particularly angioedema. Additionally, the drug may be administered for pain caused by diseases of the intestine and stomach.
Boil 100 ml of water and cool it to 35-40 degrees. In colder water, it just dissolved. If used to prepare the medication boiling water to get rid of poluarshinova lumps of powder will not be easy.
Slowly pour contents of one sachet of Smecta in a glass of water. Thoroughly mix liquid to powder is completely dissolved. At observance of technology of cooking should be a grayish-white opaque liquid (allowed and grayish-yellow tint) with a faint vanilla smell.
If a medication is prescribed the baby that is valid as the basis for preparation to use fresh milk mixture. Technology in this case is the same, only the proportions should be reduced. A third of the sachet, while stirring, dissolve in 30 ml of warm mixture.
Eat only freshly prepared medicine. Before each use make a new solution. Unused in an hour pour the liquid.
If not assigned another dosage, take one packet at a time Smecta (100 ml). Children older than one year is assigned 70 ml of diluted drug. Kids valid at a time to drink not more than 30-35 ml. To achieve the effect, generally requires three steps Smecta per day. The course of treatment is 3 days.