You will need
  • Acetone
  • Gasoline
  • Ammonia alcohol
  • Turpentine
  • Starch
Determine the origin of the resin. This will help to find a solvent for it, because it is for pine or spruce resin, the solvent will be the one for synthetic two. There are substances which can successfully dissolve both.
In water the resin does not dissolve, not even worth trying. So if you need to dissolve the plant resinto remove the stain from the clothes, take some gasoline and unnecessary toothbrush. Soak the brush in gasoline and attrite spot. If the resin is fresh, it is rather easy. However, you need to know, from what fabric the clothing is made and designed for it solvent. If there is no label that says whether the thing to take to the dry cleaners, cut a piece of cloth from the place where it will be unnoticed, and put a few drops of solvent.
Old stains from the resin can be removed, if you mix 1 teaspoon of starch with a few drops of turpentine and ammonia. Apply mixture to the stain and wait until dry. Clean off the mixture together with the resin brush.
But you may want to dissolve the resin for some other purpose. For example, you are arranging a holiday and would like to make lighting the torches. For this purpose, we need a plant resin that is the resin and the turpentine, and in sufficient quantity. It can partially dissolve in alcohol, but the best thing in gasoline. It is best to use unleaded gasoline "Galosha", which is sold in hardware stores. Dissolve the resin needed to desired consistency. To torch the mortar should be thick. The resulting solution can be impregnated cotton rags and fill the torch. Such a solution can be Packed into an empty metal tube and used for campfires in the campaigns.