Sumamed administered to children starting from the age of one year. This is because by the year the child weighs about 10 kg, namely upon reaching this level the drug can be used in pediatric patients. Big children your doctor may prescribe this antibiotic and at an earlier age, but the tolerability of the medication will have to watch more carefully.
In the vial containing 17 g of powder (400 mg of the active substance azithromycin) pour 12 mg distilled or boiled water. Use a syringe to withdrawal were accurate. Vigorously shake the vial until the powder is completely dissolved. 23 ml of medications that happens after the mix azithromycin with water is enough for the treatment of a child aged under two years of age (weighing up to 13 kg). Each scoop (5 ml) of the finished suspension contains 100 ml of antibiotic. This dosage shown this age group to achieve therapeutic effect. The drug is taken once a day for three days, but thanks to prolonged effect, the concentration of antibiotic in the body is stored for some time.
Children weighing more than 13 kg, is shown receiving slurry "Sumamed Forte". Its difference from the conventional Sumamed is higher content of antibiotic in one scoop. In a bottle containing 800 mg of azithromycin, add 12 ml of distilled or boiled water, and then shake it until complete dissolution of the powder. One scoop of the prescription contains 200 ml of the antibiotic. This amount is sufficient for the treatment of children weighing less than 20 kg.
If you dilute the suspension in the vial containing 1200 mg Sumamed, add 18 ml of water. The content of the antibiotic in one scoop is the same as in the previous case, but the drug will get twice.