Chlorhexidine is available in different forms, namely in the form of 0.05% solutions for external use, tablets, aerosols, gels. Rinse the cavity of the patient need, of course, solution of this drug. The procedure is very simple: first you need to rinse a sore throat boiled warm water, then dial in the mouth one tablespoon of chlorhexidine solution, and rinsing their mouths for thirty seconds. After this procedure you should refrain from eating at least two hours. This procedure is best repeated twice a day, morning and evening. Severe pain in the throat, you can increase the number of procedures to three.
When reception is not necessary to forget and about contraindications. Patients with hypersensitivity to chlorhexidine, use it not recommended. Also with great caution should it use pregnant women and nursing mothers. In these cases, to apply this solution to rinse the oral cavity is possible only in consultation with your doctor.
Of side effects of chlorhexidine, marked a change of taste in some cases for a short time.