The planet Saturn has on men born under the sign of Capricorn, the adverse and chilling effect. In love, they are often hampered by shyness and heightened sense of ownership. Perhaps for this reason, many Capricorns create a family closer to 35-40 years. In dealing with women and they need time to determine their feelings, to relax and to give the partner a part of your warm-heartedness. Therefore, in a relationship with a Capricorn will never rush things. Wait until he decides. And if he chooses you, there is no doubt – a more devoted family man are not found in all the horoscope.
Capricorns quite a long time linger in their family, preferring to marriage, to live in the parental home. They are very concerned about the opinions of relatives. So, beloved Capricorn , you need to make every effort to please his family. Be sure that he will appreciate your reverent and respectful to him expensive to the people. Even if a potential family is not very cute, your sweetheart don't have to guess.
One of the brightest traits of the Capricorn is conservative, including in clothing. Therefore, to conquer his geeky attire you will not succeed. To please the man of this sign, dress simply, but tastefully.
In the manifestation of their feelings Capricorns are quite stingy. Do not expect from a man passionate declarations of love. In his understanding truly talking about feelings not words, but deeds.
To the marriage Capricorns are suitable too thoroughly. And his bride will need a lot of patience and endurance. Even in love these men is always present some kind of share calculation. They marry only when standing firmly on his feet and secured a back-up. In a relationship the Capricorn will not tolerate hints and instructions on how and what to do. He prefers to solve their problems. In addition, your man is not able to play in the debate, he will be the last to defend their position. So don't waste time on beliefs and arguments, and become his ally.
Physical beauty for Capricorn is not so important. But as to the rest his beloved, this man makes the highest demands. She should be educated, educated, with good manners, have a sense of style. To tame a Capricorn will also help utility skills. If you cook, love children and know how to put things in perfect order by your candidate it is not exactly pass.