You will need
  • - nuts,
  • - the candied fruit.
To begin to give your pet slightly to accustom on a new place. After all, any animal moving to a new apartment is stressful. As for babies-hamsters, then they already have a very restless disposition. Not worth the extra time to injure him with his caresses until he finally gets used to his new home. Be patient.
Once the hamster is comfortable and will behave better, you can begin to make contact. Some specimens are noted for their excessive sociability, and without any outside assistance will begin to jump on your palm and inspect the shoulders and head. Well, there are those who need time to get used to a person, there's nothing you can do about it. You can begin to offer the hamster some treat: nut or a piece of raisin cake. Let the animal take the treat directly from your hand. If the coy has so far refused this tempting offer, leave food in the cage and back force-feeding is not necessary.
Emboldened hamster gradually the need to tame and hands on. But once enough its not worth it, let the baby first get used to the idea that your hands will be somewhere nearby and will not cause him any harm. You put your hand near the hamster and let him or her study. He needs to get used to the unfamiliar smell, sniff you, and perhaps even to try the clove. Do not worry and in any case do not make any sudden movements. After a while these "visits" in the cage, the hamster will allow you to take yourself in hand.