Capricorn women emotional creatures, while among them it is difficult to meet the rough-screaming lady. Also they are characterized by daydreaming, ambition and dedication.Often among Capricorns can meet patient and powerful, these people never forgive infidelity. People born under this sign possess a character, while deep down they are vulnerable. Capricorns are prudent and love financial independence.This is a brief portrait of a woman Capricorn.

How to approach such a person? First, the potential partner must be characterized by openness. Capricorns do not like confined men. Straightness is also characteristic female Capricorn. If you like a quiet life, it is better to ignore your passion. Capricorns, as a rule, energetic and active, and sitting without developing exactly for them is unacceptable. Capricorns are amorous and they very quickly become attached to their partner, because the family for Capricorn is on the first places in the list of priorities in life.

Capricorns are ambitious and responsible, therefore, as a rule, quickly making great progress in his career or business. Beside him the woman-Capricorn I don't want to see a man who does not want to develop.

Capricorns love unexpected surprises and extreme sports. So don't be afraid to ask a girl on a game of paintball or for a ski vacation.

If we talk about astrology, then the best choice for girls, Capricorn will be a man born under the sign of Scorpio and Cancer, but the Twin Union will not work, although most Goats at least once in life was a bad relationship with the Twins.

Good luck in the conquest of hearts!