You will need
  • Toys and food for the parrot
Place the cage higher. Many parrots do not like that lean over the cage, and until you know your lovebird, it is better not to irritate. In the first days leave lovebird alone. May like to take a look around. Adult parrot usually just one or two days to adjust to new surroundings. The chick needs more time. It is possible that he will just hide in the corner. Do not pay attention, he needs to look around. But a certain amount of feed put on the floor because the baby can be scary to approach a stranger to the trough. Try this time seldom bother lovebird. Approach the cage only if necessary to restore order to scoop food or change the water. Talk to your child in a calm voice. Call the parrot by name.
In a week you can start to train your kid. Feed him often. Let's feed a little, but every 3-4 hours. Parrot needs to get used to, that you come to his cage and nothing wrong with it not happening. All the time talk to him and call it by name.
When you're sure the bird has ceased to worry about with your appearance, you can try to lower the cage down and to come closer to the cage. Let the bird watching your face. But stick your hand in the cage unless absolutely necessary, should not be. Lovebirds do not like when someone takes their territory. To try to pet the bird when the parrot itself will begin to show interest in your hand. If you are not afraid of a sharp beak, try to give food from the hands. But it can be done only if parrot treats you very friendly. Noticing the slightest signs of discontent, remove your hand, because a parrot can inflict painful wounds.
Play with the parrot. First, offer him different toys. When he got a little comfortable with them, try to stretch a pear on his outstretched palm. If she will take it quietly, continue exercises. If angry will reschedule the lesson to another time.
When a parrot gets used to your hands and new surroundings, start to release it from the cage, parallel teaching to go back there. If the bird will allow, pick it up and put it on my shoulder. It is possible that this roost will have the lovebird to his liking, and he will be to regularly use. The main thing — not to force the issue. Do not insist if a bird in the hand will not go.