You will need
  • beautiful outfits
  • cookbook.
Man is selfish and loves himself first of all and used to get the best of everything. This also applies to his relations with the opposite sex. Next to him, he wants to see the perfect woman, which will be admired by his friends and acquaintances. Therefore, to conquer this "species," it is necessary to be always on top.
With extreme caution to the choice of attire, because of the egoist , it is important that his woman looked attractive and even sexually, but in any case not available, because he's not used to sharing "her" with others.
Your perfection has to manifest in all, not only in appearance. Find out what type of women like your man, a business woman or a homemaker, and depending on this, start to build its line of conduct. If your partner dreams of the perfect hostess, tell him how you like to cook and invite to dinner. After he will appreciate your culinary delights, tell him how you like to cook for him. It is tested for centuries women the trick perfectly valid for any type of men.
Man is selfish above all values their freedom, and therefore not worth it to infringe, especially in the beginning of the relationship. However, it is not necessary to overdo it, as the representatives of this type love attention to his person.
A man selfish like when listening to him and interested in his life. Let him tell you about their Hobbies and share their problems. During a conversation, see the man in the eye - so he will see your interest in the conversation. Try to speak on topics that really interest him. This will show that you have a lot in common, and will appreciate any man.
To finally subdue the selfish, lavish him with compliments and attentions as often as possible. Reassure him that for you it is the best and your other half will certainly appreciate it.