Capricorns do not hide your own feelings. Therefore, to understand love with the representative of this sign or not, is very simple. She will not hide the sympathies and tell about it directly. Which, of course, into the hands of those who want to win her love.
To win the love of Capricorn on the one hand, very simple, and with another - difficult. This is a very emotional sign, which is important for first impression. And if it failed a second chance, most likely, will not. Uninteresting people Capricorns are expunged out of your life without going back to communicating with them. And because of his stubbornness refused the attention of even those who seem to like it, but just didn't cause strong emotions.
To fall in love with the Capricorn woman, impress her on the first date. Arrange a memorable evening with "the Gypsies and bears." Organize a sight that lover can't forget. Give her a chance to participate in the performance - for the energetic Capricorn is very important. Let it become the center of attention. Emotions are very important for a female Capricorn, it is based on them she decides.
Maintain his beloved in everything. This sign for all his impulsiveness, very fragile. And creating a conflict situation, a Capricorn woman then very much upset and worried. Let her know that you are always on her side. And even if you do not agree with her opinion - comfort and tell me that everything will be fine. Capricorns are short-tempered, but easily appeased, and very quickly come to himself, feeling the support.
For a female Capricorn it is important the opinion of others, so carefully follow them. Wear stylish clothes, time to visit the hairdresser, don't forget about the gym. Representatives of this sign it is very important that beside them was a handsome man. Their self-esteem from it increases, they become happier and fall in love every day more and more.