Male Lions are always proud, stubborn, strong, very intelligent people. Have strong magnetism, attract people, they are excellent manipulators. They themselves will never obey. They are always calm and cool. Often selfish. But such sincere and noble!
The lion is the king of one word.

Behave with a Lion need in a certain way and sometimes it's not easy.

Leo loves the attention to his person. Always praise him, do compliments, not a good place unnoticed, that is very offensive of a Lion. Do not to focus on the bad, he is very experienced, just not showing.
Do not teach a Lion to live. Don't argue with him. Because of stubbornness and eternal conviction that they are right it is very difficult to convince, this usually leads to conflict situations. Even if You're right, a lion to stand on his own.
Do not humiliate in front of the Lions. Leo is amused, he will repeat the situation to hurt You again. Leo will never be okay to treat the woman who has no pride and dignity.
Don't let the lion to manipulate You, and he will use it all the time.
Try not to annoy the Lion once again. Lions are not such men who forgive all for women's tears. By the way, the tears they, too annoying. In order to avoid unpleasant situations consult with a Leo, ask his opinion, but do not neglect your.
Don't try to make the Lion jealous. To anything good it will not. Male Lions are very true to themselves and expect the same from a partner.
Be a Queen yourself. Always be well-groomed and well-dressed, Leo will appreciate it as he is trying to be always on top. A good perfume, manicure, styling, garment a flattering... Leo needs You to admire. Don't forget about Royal manners. And don't forget to act up, but it does spoil the Lion.
Lions idealists. Here and so all is clear, try to do everything perfectly and others require the same.
Lions usually have a good sense of humor. If You have it, that's fine. Joke and laugh with her man.
Ask the Lion for help! Usually the lions are in good hands. Leo is very noble and generous, if You dear to him, he never fails to help.
Surprise your Leo, constantly add a bit of spice to Your relationship, make surprises, make happy in bed. Leo will appreciate it and will try to please You.
Give Leo the love and affection. He will answer You. Generally Lions are people if you make them something good, be sure to do good in return.
Lions love to eat out. Learn to cook, ladies. I especially love meats and sweets. They are usually well prepared and happy to assist the chosen one in cooking.
Lions are those men who will run after You like a dog, and Lions. Do not try to make the Lion henpecked.
Always remember that Lion, You as behind a stone wall. He will always protect You and assist you. If you follow the tips above, You will get the perfect man without a single fault!

Of course there are Lions with a completely different character, but everywhere there are exceptions.