To please the man-Capricorn, you should be natural. Behave naturally in his company, show openness and interest in communicating with him. Capricorns do not like when they lie, so it is always better to be honest with him.
Perfect girl of Capricorn, about which he dreams since childhood - a gentle, kind, which reminds him of his mom. Capricorn - one of the few characters who are strongly attached to mother, she remains his ideal throughout life. You may not like the Capricorn, if you show interest in his family, and acquainted with his mother to Express sincere respect for her. In any case, don't speak ill of relatives of Capricorn, it may once and for all to push him away from you.
Despite the fact that the Capricorn silent and withdrawn, from the girl he is waiting for a sincere desire to listen to him. You know, if he reveals to you the soul, it means he cares for you.
The representatives of this zodiac sign great pride. They love to succeed, love it when they praise and admire them. You, of all people, should rejoice in his victories and proud successes.
Because of the natural shrewdness of the man-Capricorn chooses the girl that he will be comfortable, would prefer one that will not be overly demanding to him, be a perfect hostess, a good mother, will not demand the impossible from him and be happy that he's with her. The girl may not differ unearthly beauty. If it will be more attractive, Capricorn will adore and be proud of it.
Capricorn seldom changes the woman. Exceptional loyalty he demands from his beloved. If you want to please a man, keep in mind that he's going to look on you as my feature from the very beginning of the relationship and can be jealous without cause. But this is mitigated by the fact that the Capricorn girl is living like a stone wall, can always count on his help and support.
To please a man in bed, you need to be able to surprise him. Capricorn loosens up in the arms of your beloved. He will admire a woman able to give him heavenly pleasure in bed.