Capricorns can produce the impression of reserved and unemotional people. They are disciplined and serious, often able to communicate more detached. While in the soul of such a man may be inflamed with love or to be tormented with doubts, but apparently it will not change. Declaration of love you have for your own risk – according to the representative of this Zodiac sign, you would never suspect that he is experiencing a reciprocal feeling.
If you're used to flirt with his many fans, but in the end gave her heart to Capricorn, as early as possible give up the habit of flirting with other men. Capricorn will soon captivate the mind, achievements and inner qualities of a woman than her appearance and popularity. This is not a male, which wakes the hunting instinct at the sight of a girl surrounded by competitors. He's looking for a life partner who is equal to him, and which he can trust. The sooner you will discourage yourself from fans, the more chances for success will be your recognition.
Most Capricorns are alien to the passion for luxury and glamour. A lot more of their appeal to the laconic simplicity, stylish minimalism. Choosing an outfit for an important conversation, don't overdo it. Doubt, give preference to timeless classics, or wear simple things and dilute them with a couple original, but not flashy jewelry.
Capricorns are stolid and solid, and the manifestation of inconsistency or violent emotions can to scare them. Think in advance of your speech. Let it be only cherished three words "I love you", but spoken loud and clear, rather than muddled monologue, interspersed with nervous laughter and tears, in which the interlocutor may simply be confused. Toys-hearts, balloons tied to his portfolio and the songs under the door of the Cabinet is a bad way to Express his feelings. If fear of the conversation, it is better to write a letter to Capricorn.
It is better not to burden the representative of this Zodiac sign recognition in a crowded place. Capricorns do not like showing my emotions in front of strangers, but after your words it may be embarrassed, or he wants to immediately grab you in his arms and kiss her. Go for a walk in the Park or go to crowded cafes (it is desirable that it was a decent restaurant with good food – the Goats do not like places with a dubious reputation). There you will be able to talk and to admit the man his feelings.