Advice 1: How to confess love to a Capricorn

Love, obedient to all the signs of the Zodiac and Capricorns are no exception. But to these people, cold externally, but soft and shy on the inside, needs a special approach. If you manage to find it, you will be able to win the heart of Capricorn.
How to confess love to a Capricorn
Capricorns can produce the impression of reserved and unemotional people. They are disciplined and serious, often able to communicate more detached. While in the soul of such a man may be inflamed with love or to be tormented with doubts, but apparently it will not change. Declaration of love you have for your own risk – according to the representative of this Zodiac sign, you would never suspect that he is experiencing a reciprocal feeling.
If you're used to flirt with his many fans, but in the end gave her heart to Capricorn, as early as possible give up the habit of flirting with other men. Capricorn will soon captivate the mind, achievements and inner qualities of a woman than her appearance and popularity. This is not a male, which wakes the hunting instinct at the sight of a girl surrounded by competitors. He's looking for a life partner who is equal to him, and which he can trust. The sooner you will discourage yourself from fans, the more chances for success will be your recognition.
Most Capricorns are alien to the passion for luxury and glamour. A lot more of their appeal to the laconic simplicity, stylish minimalism. Choosing an outfit for an important conversation, don't overdo it. Doubt, give preference to timeless classics, or wear simple things and dilute them with a couple original, but not flashy jewelry.
Capricorns are stolid and solid, and the manifestation of inconsistency or violent emotions can to scare them. Think in advance of your speech. Let it be only cherished three words "I love you", but spoken loud and clear, rather than muddled monologue, interspersed with nervous laughter and tears, in which the interlocutor may simply be confused. Toys-hearts, balloons tied to his portfolio and the songs under the door of the Cabinet is a bad way to Express his feelings. If fear of the conversation, it is better to write a letter to Capricorn.
It is better not to burden the representative of this Zodiac sign recognition in a crowded place. Capricorns do not like showing my emotions in front of strangers, but after your words it may be embarrassed, or he wants to immediately grab you in his arms and kiss her. Go for a walk in the Park or go to crowded cafes (it is desirable that it was a decent restaurant with good food – the Goats do not like places with a dubious reputation). There you will be able to talk and to admit the man his feelings.

Advice 2: How to please a Capricorn

For men born under the sign of Capricorn, are important in women such qualities as modesty, loyalty, honesty. After all, they go through life with confidence and determination, setting for themselves the main objectives of a career and a family.
How to please a Capricorn
To please the man-Capricorn, you should be natural. Behave naturally in his company, show openness and interest in communicating with him. Capricorns do not like when they lie, so it is always better to be honest with him.
Perfect girl of Capricorn, about which he dreams since childhood - a gentle, kind, which reminds him of his mom. Capricorn - one of the few characters who are strongly attached to mother, she remains his ideal throughout life. You may not like the Capricorn, if you show interest in his family, and acquainted with his mother to Express sincere respect for her. In any case, don't speak ill of relatives of Capricorn, it may once and for all to push him away from you.
Despite the fact that the Capricorn silent and withdrawn, from the girl he is waiting for a sincere desire to listen to him. You know, if he reveals to you the soul, it means he cares for you.
The representatives of this zodiac sign great pride. They love to succeed, love it when they praise and admire them. You, of all people, should rejoice in his victories and proud successes.
Because of the natural shrewdness of the man-Capricorn chooses the girl that he will be comfortable, would prefer one that will not be overly demanding to him, be a perfect hostess, a good mother, will not demand the impossible from him and be happy that he's with her. The girl may not differ unearthly beauty. If it will be more attractive, Capricorn will adore and be proud of it.
Capricorn seldom changes the woman. Exceptional loyalty he demands from his beloved. If you want to please a man, keep in mind that he's going to look on you as my feature from the very beginning of the relationship and can be jealous without cause. But this is mitigated by the fact that the Capricorn girl is living like a stone wall, can always count on his help and support.
To please a man in bed, you need to be able to surprise him. Capricorn loosens up in the arms of your beloved. He will admire a woman able to give him heavenly pleasure in bed.

Advice 3: How original Declaration of love to the man

The first confession of love should come from men – it is usually girls know by heart almost from their very birth. But sometimes they have to take the initiative in their hands because they want to understand what really feels favorite person in relation to them. And then they begin to look for original ways of expressing love.
a Declaration of love to the man

How to confess your love to a man?

In fact, there are many ways to tell your husband about love, and they are all very different. Here are some of them:

Advertising recognition

To confess in love in such a way to order advertising space on the waist or the shield and place it on picture recognition. It is desirable to make only favorite person was able to guess what it is made for him. That is, instead of "Daria Sidorova likes of Sergey Ivanov," it is better to write the abstract of "Romeo, I love you! Your Juliet." Otherwise your feelings will not only know It, but almost all the inhabitants of your city (especially if the settlement you have small).

Culinary recognition

With delicious food and good wine, too, can admit a man in love first, but you should have a very good cook. In this case, food from the restaurant is better not to order. Otherwise, if you are all right, and after a while he will ask to re-cook the dish, you simply will not be able to do. What you need to do is to learn by the way, what dish he likes the most, to cook it, decorate with hearts, with whipped cream and ketchup to write words of love to make the most lucidly. Then set the table and treat your beloved man.

Recognition through massage

If you have a close enough relationship, then the question of how to admit a man in love can be solved another way – with a massage. Gently, the fingertips spend along the back of a loved one, "painting" the words of love. Let them guess what you are writing. When he realizes his joy is not the limit.

Old recognition

Remember from the novel "Eugene Onegin" by Alexander Pushkin these lines: "I write to you, what else..."? Writing a letter with words of love is the most easy way to Express their emotions, has been used by lovers since the days of Ancient Egypt. I have to admit a man in love this way – to solve certainly to you. If you decide to take the artificially aged paper, write on it with pen a love letter, put in envelope and send by mail. It will be very romantic.

What other ways can I use?

The original and the recognition of a beautiful man in love can be very different. To Express their feelings you can use a radio, phone, stickers, certificates for flight in an aeroplane or hot air balloon, signs and hints (for example, turn on the music with words about love), gifts, and more.Dr. The main thing – to show imagination and become a bit bolder, to not fold at the last minute.

Advice 4: How beautiful Declaration of love to the girl - Capricorn

Capricorn – the most practical representatives of the zodiacal circle, and even in matters amorous Capricorn wants everything to be serious and thoughtful. That is why even the Declaration of love representatives of this sign should be impressive, but on a strictly thought-out plan.
How beautiful Declaration of love to the girl-Capricorn
Girls born under the constellation of Capricorn, I do not like affectedness and pathos, and even in their dreams, the Prince appears on a white horse and a black SUV, because the white horse in our time – not the most practical vehicle.

Before you decide to open the senses before deliberately serious Capricorn, you'll have to develop a full-fledged plan, which not hurt to provide even a way out.

A Declaration of love to the girl-Capricorn: all the points

In recognizing the less time it should take the words and more actions. It is not necessary to bother about flowery phrases and long poems, even if those are the devoted lover. It if your feelings are mutual, melt and from the banal to the recognition in one line, of course, if you apply it correctly.

The most important words in a girl's life-Capricorn should be pronounced in the right place. Let it be and not a hotel of class "luxury", but not spit-covered staircase. It would be nice to find a way to take her there, where she had long dreamed of visiting. Capricorns like their desire to hear, remember and perform. If the place of her dreams to visit does not work, then to hint at a trip there in the future also. Wants in Paris – take in the French restaurant. Dreams of Venice – take him to Petersburg, there is also enough water.

When planning recognition, keep in mind that Capricorns do not like idleness and carelessness. Since love – get married. Another variant can not be.

Another important point is that Capricorns though practical but not materialistic. However, anything can happen, but among girls Capricorn greedy for money is much less than among representatives of other zodiac signs. Capricorns are used to get what they need. So, clearly she loves not your Bank account, and if you effectively give her a silver ring instead of a new Lexus, a gesture she will appreciate it exactly the same way for at no cost present case.

The highlight of the recognition

Your acceptance should be the highlight, otherwise it will not work. Well if you combine a spectacular trip to the place of her dreams or like him with a treasured ring or other symbolic gift. Capricorns just love the characters and believe in them. Look at the version of the joint launch of the sky lanterns or skydiving, then it all depends on what your lover prefers, and decide. Because Capricorns are practical people. If she's with you then she already likes you and, like you, is making plans for a long future together.
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