Advice 1: How to train a man-lion

Strong, proud and noble – male-Lions – worthy companions of life. It was about this Royal wife dreams of every woman who value family ties and traditional way of life more than anything. But how to attract the attention of a man-Lion? For that, you should learn some rules of communication with this Regal representative of a strong half of mankind.
How to train a man-lion
Worship him! For all his magnanimity and royalty, Lions – people are self-absorbed and inclined to narcissism. Who knows the result if it complexes or feature of the sign? Meanwhile, the flattery well paves the path to heart of lions. Moreover, you don't need to veil this flattery. Everything about them, favorite, male Lions taken at face value. And to shake your mane and enjoy your Regal wonderful reflection in the eyes of others – for them the most pleasant thing. But, to their credit, the reason for admiration in the case of the Lion long search is not necessary.
Male Lions utterly stubborn. However, contrary to the opinion that the stubbornness of the dignity of the donkeys, he just has a true leadership quality. It often happens that even in the hopeless case the leaders of benefit solely due to personal stubbornness and unwillingness to surrender (to admit the obvious?).Leos are people born leaders. Their motto: "Who not with us – is a fool or a scoundrel." But because, faced with the manifestation of the stubbornness of Leo, should beware – this majestic Lord will not hesitate to sweep away any obstacle out of his way with one strong slap of the paw.
If the lion is the king, then the one that is next to him – not the maid, and the Queen. A man of Royal descent will not tolerate next to him the one that sounds all the world a simple mortal. Therefore, be ready to meet him (intellectually, apparently), but never try to outshine him. To tame the man-Lion is quite simple. Harder to keep it, because these comrades by nature tend to be polygamous. But if you can close your eyes to "pranks" his Lord – he will give you a sea of rapture, bliss, luxury, and genuine ecstasy.

Advice 2: How to seduce a Leo man

If you marry menborn under the sign of Leo, you promised a beautiful family life. Leo will love and pamper you, to support in difficult times and to present them gifts. In your home everything is fine, from any little things to the most complex equipment. How to marry such a man? To lure him to their network is quite simple, because the man-Lion , there is a continuing need for love.
How to seduce a Leo man
Before the male Lion always needs to be in the audience. He really needs enthusiastic female fans. Become her for him – and you will be able to enjoy the same favor with this man.
You can easily seduce Lion-man, if you play correctly. Heed to his every word, cheer for him, flatter him, follow his advice, and respect and adore him. A good compliment can throw the Lion to your feet, there's a bit of peacock. He can't live without love, he needs to be worshiped, otherwise it will wither. Understand it literally.
Do not offer your help to the man of this sign. You can greatly hurt Leo, because he doesn't like to appear weak in someone's eyes. On the contrary, weep for him in a vest and ask them to support you - what would you have asked, lion will do it for you with pleasure.
Taking care of a woman, the Leo man rarely saves money. Do not resist this, but know that the affair with the Lion will never run smoothly, without trouble. It will tell you what to wear, what hairstyle to do, what books should be read, etc., Remember that in his mind you must belong to him body and soul.
Men born under this sign are very jealous. Don't forget the power of the impulsive character of the Lion. Do not try to thrill his accidental flirt with the man. He knows that you want more. The proof of this he does not need. Think about what the angry lion can bulldoze your friend that you was trying to flirt.
Learn to tolerate the fact that your male lion openly admires other women. His courtship is usually innocent. Treat them right and do not be jealous.
Be prepared to always balance the enthusiasm of a Lion with her quiet mind. Learn how to calm him. Your main weapon should be a tenderness and affection - but they can affect your violent man.
Forget about your own career, choosing the man-Lion. From now on, your career – this is it! And your work in comparison with his case – nothing. Leo does not tolerate any competition.
Aspire to be the Queen in any society. It is unlikely that you will win the man-Lion, if you will not be able to achieve this.

Advice 3: How to tame the beast in Minecraft

Animals in Minecraft – loyal friends and guards of the house, so fans of Minecraft thought and worried about the institution pet. This process is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. Tamed animals are about the same as in real life – that is, just think logically.
How to tame the beast in Minecraft

How to train your cat?

Wild cat, that is, the ocelot could be your best domestic animal. What will be attractive to the cat? A great option here would be fish caught in the pond. Catch 5-10 fish for one of the ocelot. Going on a quest, remember that wild cats live mainly in the steppes. Once you have found an animal, do not run to him – gently approach him or just stand in place while ocelot himself is not close.

Then give him a fish. If you fail the first time, do not worry – because you will still have a lot of attempts. Once the ocelot is tamed, it will have a red collar. If you installed the mod to the furniture, he may doze off on the couch.

How to tame a wolf?

Wild dog is called a wolf. As wolves love bones, the best way to tame a wolf will give him some bones. In order to get the bone, just enough to hunt the night of the skeletons. Typing as for ocelot, 5-10 bones for one dog, go look for wolf. You can find it in the scattered fleece of a wolf after a hearty meal, or the sound when the wolf shakes off the spray. Once you've spotted the animal, gently come closer to him and click the right mouse button. If the taming is successful, the wolf will be a red collar.

The wolf is a useful acquisition because it can protect you from the intrusion of wild beasts, and he will always be your faithful ally in the fight against your enemies. Do not forget from time to time to feed the animal raw meat.

How to tame a cow?

Cow – Pets, so much difficulty with their domestication should not occur. In order to tame them, you must lure them into the corral, picking up the wheat. After they will be in the paddock, should quickly close the car. If you feed cows wheat, they will soon bring to you the offspring. Don't forget to equip your paddock of green grass, wheat and a small pond.

How to train your pig?

Because pigs eat carrots, the best option to tame her is to give her some carrots. Take a lot of carrots and go look for pigs.

How to tame a chicken?

Nothing new here to say it does not – take some seeds of wheat, pumpkins and watermelon and go in search of the chicken. They can be found almost everywhere, but most often they are found near water. It should be noted that to multiply the chicken will have only with the help of wheat seeds.

How to tame a horse?

If you're tired of chickens and cows, and you wanted to tame the noble animal – nothing is impossible! To tame a horse, there are two reliable ways: or repeatedly sit on it, but in this case you will need a saddle and an inexhaustible supply of patience, or you should just feed her. You can feed bread, but it is best to use Apple.

How to train your dragon?

You wanted something really exotic? For example, to have a pet dragon? So, it's time to move on to the most curious domestication.

It should be noted that to tame hostile mobs you need to install the mod Mo'creatures. Set? Forward for the cause!
The process of training a dragon is to ride it. But first, you need to call. To do this, enter the command /dragon in game chat. Cost is the pleasure you will get 7500 gold coins. Once you have summoned the dragon, find it in the game world: to do this you need to enter the command /dragon locate and follow in the direction that the arrow points. As soon as find the dragon, enter the command /dragon, thus settled it.

Advice 4: How to train your cat

The cat is quite skittish animal. She is very independent and cunning, but taming it is still possible, and such attempts were made in ancient times. Cats respond to the person they spared nothing, after all, being wild and living in the woods, they saw affection and care, and the response of these animals was the protection of the person and his household.
How to train your cat
Best cats to tame very young when they first came to light. Kittens quickly become attached to person, and adults will not step away from his master. It was during this period kittens can learn to understand those around them who care for them, and of course will reciprocate. And when they met with their relatives who grew up on the street may show aggressiveness.
How to train your <strong>cat</strong>
In order to acquire the friendship between a kitten and a human, you need a very good relationship. Often necessary to hold them, to stroke, to talk to them, at least one hour a day. Short conversation with a loved pet can lead to unkindness on his part, and the kitten will be less trusting of its owner in the future.
It is very important that all family members could charm the kids, just born. Communication only with one person will cause the attachment of a kitten to that person. To avoid this from happening, you need to take care of their Pets all: both adults and children. First, you can just take the kitten in his hands, stroking and talking to him. As you grow up, you can learn to play the most common game - a candy wrapper on the rope, she all most gets the kitty.
Through active games, the baby becomes more active.
To tame the cat it is necessary to everything: food, toilet, how to behave at home and on the street. Many cats better give this training at home, as they, like small children love and appreciate his master simply because he is.
And if you want to train your house cat, preferably to her age was about 7 weeks, then there is a possibility that she gets used to you.
Cats that live on the street have adapted to the conditions of his life, so to “domesticate” such a cat is very difficult. Your home environment may seem to her unwillingly, and in doing so you will harm not only the cat but also yourself. So before you take a kitten from the street, make sure that you do not commit if you make a mistake? Whether or not you will be able to tame the beast? After all, we are responsible for those who tamed.
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