Worship him! For all his magnanimity and royalty, Lions – people are self-absorbed and inclined to narcissism. Who knows the result if it complexes or feature of the sign? Meanwhile, the flattery well paves the path to heart of lions. Moreover, you don't need to veil this flattery. Everything about them, favorite, male Lions taken at face value. And to shake your mane and enjoy your Regal wonderful reflection in the eyes of others – for them the most pleasant thing. But, to their credit, the reason for admiration in the case of the Lion long search is not necessary.
Male Lions utterly stubborn. However, contrary to the opinion that the stubbornness of the dignity of the donkeys, he just has a true leadership quality. It often happens that even in the hopeless case the leaders of benefit solely due to personal stubbornness and unwillingness to surrender (to admit the obvious?).Leos are people born leaders. Their motto: "Who not with us – is a fool or a scoundrel." But because, faced with the manifestation of the stubbornness of Leo, should beware – this majestic Lord will not hesitate to sweep away any obstacle out of his way with one strong slap of the paw.
If the lion is the king, then the one that is next to him – not the maid, and the Queen. A man of Royal descent will not tolerate next to him the one that sounds all the world a simple mortal. Therefore, be ready to meet him (intellectually, apparently), but never try to outshine him. To tame the man-Lion is quite simple. Harder to keep it, because these comrades by nature tend to be polygamous. But if you can close your eyes to "pranks" his Lord – he will give you a sea of rapture, bliss, luxury, and genuine ecstasy.