The combination of characters of the Tiger and Capricorn is considered to be very successful. All the positive qualities that are inherent in the Capricorn Tiger is a great complement and helps to develop. Capricorn is always characterized by the desire to achieve great things in career, Tiger helps him to do it much easier. At the same time, the calm and poise of Capricorn help deter aggression and temper of a Tiger.

Tiger-Capricorn also has a good intuition in all know the measure. People born under these signs, sociable, has many friends, is often a leader in the company. Tigers-Capricorns are good companions, they can discuss almost any topic.

People of these signs are big fans of good books and movies. They like tasty and unusual dishes.

Tigers-Capricorns can't stand changes, especially if they occur without their knowledge. Representatives of these signs you need to keep everything under control.

Such people often hide their feelings and emotions deep inside, so it is difficult to understand how they apply to you.

Tigers-Capricorn in love

These people are very cool even in a relationship. They don't like to say warm words, and prove their relation to actions. Tigers a Capricorn looking for a smart partner who shares their interests. They also do not like excessive control, they need to feel freedom in a relationship, you need personal space. In addition, usually these people are very jealous and do not like when they give rise to this feeling. Tigers-Goats happy in the relationship, which flow quietly and smoothly. Marriage is not concluded under the influence of feelings, long and carefully considering this decision. Choosing a reliable, in their opinion, a person's Tigers-Capricorns are faithful to him.

Tigers Capricorns work

Representatives of these characters are accustomed to devote himself to the work, for them it is a very important area of life. If the Tigers-Goats can not be realized in your career, you will feel miserable. They are very hardworking and do not tolerate lazy people. Tigers-Capricorns believe that these people are unable to achieve something in life. In the open representatives of these characters will never collide, I try not to make enemies in the person colleagues. Tigers are Capricorns good at managing people, they are great leaders, but too much of responsibility they take on is not ready.