Advice 1: How to re-educate womanizer

Girls dream to meet on the vital way a decent man who will be loyal, loving and caring companion of his beloved. However, if you fell in love with the womanizer and you can't imagine my life without him – it's worth trying to re-educate.
How to re-educate womanizer
The main mistake women seeking to change a stud, is the fact that they begin large-scale actions in his rehabilitation, making sure that the male they already "on the hook". So before you engage in "creating" the man of her dreams, is to make sure that he's in love with you and is ready to be with you. Only then can you attempt at its rehabilitation.
You need to understand what a womanizer is a man with a soul the ground that it hides carefully. A guy will be hiding his insecurity behind a string of sexual partners. Thus, it proves to themselves and others their own worth. The second type of men – men who treat sex as a kind of sport, they just can't help it to diversify their intimate life, and therefore choose the number, often forgetting about quality. Try to understand what drives a womanizer to persistent adultery, and give him what he needs – confidence in his own importance.
If you go crazy on your woman in any case should not confess to him first about your feelings. Communicate with him on different abstract themes, be cute, playful, seductive, but never make the first step – albeit a womanizer feels that you are a difficult extraction, for which you need to hunt. Even if you live in a marriage not one year, not put your partner in the first place: live your own busy life, watch for their appearance, make male friends. Womanizer should understand what for you need "eyes". But don't forget to do a man's compliments, and sometimes even frankly to flatter: the womanizer extremely susceptible to praise.
Even if your partner had problems with potency is strictly prohibited any criticism on this occasion. In this period try to support him morally, he should know what is of interest not only as a sexual object, but as a person. However, the bedroom is the place where you have to show itself in all its glory. You should be no prohibitions and taboos in private life, try to be for my man the best lover.

Advice 2 : How to understand that the guy is a womanizer

A woman meets the man of her dreams - he's handsome, charismatic, attentive and perfect in bed. But over time, the lucky chosen one starts to understand that in addition to all this splendor is one drawback – it is not one. So how do you identify and weed out the wolves immediately, so you do not suffer from a broken heart?
How to understand that the guy is a womanizer

Womanizer: a fad or a diagnosis?

Womanizer is like almost all women. They are devilishly charismatic, experienced and attractive. Polygamy is in the people mens feature which it is impossible to get rid of, however, the practice shows that even the most inveterate womanizer can make a perfect husband and a great father. First and foremost, it depends on the willingness of the men to create a family.
If a guy wants to date a woman, then keep him useless.

Also the behavior of men is strongly influenced by the world around him. Today it is fashionable to be male, macho and Casanova is among men one of the signs of success. Moreover, in a polygamous attitude to life may be to blame parents womanizer, who from childhood taught him that he is the best and not every girl is worthy of him.

And finally, the behavior of man can be directly related to his personal characteristics. Most often polygamous are temperamental cynical men who perceive a woman as an object of conquest, but no more.

How to recognize a womanizer at an early stage

Acquainted with the guy, you should pay attention to certain signs which will give you the passion of women with his head. First, womanizer sociable, energetic, socially active and are often the soul of any, even strangers. They usually like very much to dress up, go out to night clubs and other establishments where you can meet a girl and conquer another fortress.
Pay attention to the appearance of the man – catchy clothing, grooming, and jewelry often serve it to hunt for susceptible women.

Womanizers know how beautiful and florid to speak, using the speech variety of the familiar and even slightly indecent speed. Also they tend to immediately promise you a star from the sky, the house in nice stone wall in the sight of the magnificent himself. If you have his data, check social networks boyfriend, usually the pages of a womanizer full of pictures of various girls and the relevant statuses.

And never forget the basic rule – if after a stormy night the guy you do not call back, do not look for meeting with him and don't try calling, inventing for him a bunch of excuses. Most likely, you have become another victory in the list of womanizer, so move them back their dignity and find yourself a real man that will meet for real.

Advice 3 : What if the guy is a womanizer

To meet the man of her dreams is somewhat problematic. And when on the horizon appears a man forget everything: the advice of friends and maternal cautions. Childhood dreams become reality, here it is - happiness! But suddenly, simultaneously all falls apart, comes the realization that you not only have your ideal beauty.
What if the guy is a womanizer

Womanizer not born - they are

There are a number of reasons why a man may turn into a thoughtless windy playboy-womanizer:

- The overabundance of female attention. This outcome, like it or not solely to blame women. To marry a cute, intelligent, able to make man - natural female need. But, unfortunately, statistics show that there is a tremendous shortage of males on the soul of the female population. More or less a decent guy enjoys unprecedented popularity among girls. Well, how not to start working on several fronts at the same time?

- Problems with self-esteem. All the complexes from childhood. Perhaps even in kindergarten, the boy Peter confessed his love to the girl Masha, and she rejected his advances. And since then, has become a full-fledged man, he takes revenge on all the females for once received offense. Women are for him just a trophy that he can flaunt in your friends circle.
A man you don't explain what it is meaning to your life. His vision of the world is deeply distorted, and, most likely, for solving its problems will require the assistance of a psychologist.

- Fear of close emotional relationships. This fear may arise for various reasons: some survived the betrayal of the woman who then lost her forever because of certain circumstances, and someone just thinks that the attachment is for the weak.
Men just shut off feelings, not allowing women in the hidden corners of his soul. And if anyone is lucky enough to know a little the secrets of men's hearts, he immediately without explanation credited to the former category.

Womanizer: instructions for use

How to deal with swashbuckling heartthrob and protect his fragile heart from a deep scar?

First, in order not to be disappointed in man, it is not necessary to be fascinated. Do not neglect women's intuition: if you notice that your man is leering at other women, don't look at it through his fingers. So there are big problems with his unsatisfied libido.
The best way is to leave a man-a womanizer, because it is not correct, if only he himself will understand that lives properly.

Secondly, if you decided to build relationships with an eye for the ladies, keep yourself in hand. Heaped praise on him for no reason, because womanizer is haunted. a woman only as long as is interested. Keep it in shape: step back to a safe distance, not bothering calls and messages. It does not humiliate and do not grieve him. Be Switzerland and remain neutral towards her chosen.

Try in the first place to be his friend, and then passionate lover. It is possible, though unlikely, it will hook the depths of your soul and you will not be another entry in the notebook of his amorous conquests.

Advice 4 : Womanizer - a man who does not know how to love?

A womanizer is a special type of men who know how to look beautiful, but it is not capable of a lasting relationship. Can a womanizer like? This question is raised by thousands of women whose hearts are broken by the actions of a ladies ' man.
Can a womanizer like?
Among men men not so much. However they meet, and it's not that rare. Women such men do not respect, but lose if the attack womanizer is sent to them. Men to their non-permanent counterparts condescending, and sometimes even with deep respect. But no one can really understand whether a womanizer to true love.

Psychological profile of a womanizer

As a rule, wolves are very sociable and live life, have a lot of friends. Such a man easily feels in any situation, always knows what to say knows how to be very courteous and polite.

With a woman a slut acting like she's the Queen of the world. Several of compliments, pair matched, and the lady begins to fall in love. Very soon, a womanizer seduces another Queen, leaving behind the crowd of girls with broken hearts.

As a womanizer understands love

There is a high probability that a womanizer, in fact, better than other men knows what love is and wants to give it the maximum number of women. Indeed, taking care of a lady, a man exalts his chosen one on a pedestal, gives it a feel of exclusivity, reveals femininity. In fact, such a person does not need to be offended. You should Express gratitude to him for what he has given you to feel the beauty of love, fill you with emotion. Of course, womanizer difficult to build a family. But as a very good experience relationship with him is worth considering.

There are different opinion regarding can a womanizer like or not. Perhaps the real love he had not yet met, and he is in continuous search. A man in love will forget everything, if only to be closer to his beloved. Probably the womanizer a lady quickly comes. After all, to keep the man near it to not only make him love, but also to cultivate his love. Not every woman is capable of.

Knows how to love a womanizer?

To love everyone, without exception. The problem is that many in the childhood get different kinds of psychological trauma, which in the future prevent the feelings to emerge. First bad experience with a girl can lead to similar results.

Any womanizer at the time, "stepped on a rake". Yes, he's incredibly helpful with the girls. But his style often changed girlfriends very much like revenge to someone. A womanizer knows how to love, but he needs help to find that feeling in the depths of his soul.
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