The main mistake women seeking to change a stud, is the fact that they begin large-scale actions in his rehabilitation, making sure that the male they already "on the hook". So before you engage in "creating" the man of her dreams, is to make sure that he's in love with you and is ready to be with you. Only then can you attempt at its rehabilitation.
You need to understand what a womanizer is a man with a soul the ground that it hides carefully. A guy will be hiding his insecurity behind a string of sexual partners. Thus, it proves to themselves and others their own worth. The second type of men – men who treat sex as a kind of sport, they just can't help it to diversify their intimate life, and therefore choose the number, often forgetting about quality. Try to understand what drives a womanizer to persistent adultery, and give him what he needs – confidence in his own importance.
If you go crazy on your woman in any case should not confess to him first about your feelings. Communicate with him on different abstract themes, be cute, playful, seductive, but never make the first step – albeit a womanizer feels that you are a difficult extraction, for which you need to hunt. Even if you live in a marriage not one year, not put your partner in the first place: live your own busy life, watch for their appearance, make male friends. Womanizer should understand what for you need "eyes". But don't forget to do a man's compliments, and sometimes even frankly to flatter: the womanizer extremely susceptible to praise.
Even if your partner had problems with potency is strictly prohibited any criticism on this occasion. In this period try to support him morally, he should know what is of interest not only as a sexual object, but as a person. However, the bedroom is the place where you have to show itself in all its glory. You should be no prohibitions and taboos in private life, try to be for my man the best lover.