You will need
  • two Linden or oak bar of small thickness;
  • -special tool for cutting wood;
  • -wide elastic bright colors;
  • -threads;
  • glue;
  • -loop;
  • -a strip of Velcro;
  • -beads or rhinestones.
Take two lime, or oak bar of small thickness. Cut (scrape) on one and the other prepared by the bar of a small depression. This can be done by using a special tool for cutting wood. The notch you can make a square or rectangular shape, with pointed or rounded corners.
Make each of the sides of the depression, exactly in the middle, through a small incision, that is a hole. You should have 2 holes on each half, being strictly parallel to each other.
Take a wide rubber band, preferably a bright color, as it will be not only the holder of the cigar, but also a decoration accessory.
Thread the elastic into the prepared holes so that it passes through the inner and outer side of the case. Do this with a wooden one and the second half.
Staple the rubber band using yarn from the inside and move the seam to the hole through which it passes, so it was hidden. You should know that the elastic band must be stretched, that it could be kept tobacco products.
Attach a small loop with the studs, which will allow to freely open and close the case. Such loops can be purchased at any hardware store.
Glue the back side of the hinge strip of Velcro, which will allow the case to be closed, even when moving.
Decorate your finished cigarette case with beads, sequins, thread, stickers or other decorative elements.
Slide under the gum cigarette and enjoy your work, showing it at every opportunity to your friends.
Attention! For the manufacture of unique cigarette case, you can use the hard drive, the body of the player or phone and other handy boxes of small size.
Over time, all things are modified, transformed and usovershenstvuetsya, but each time the case appears to us in its original, seemingly not changed. Perhaps all the simple and perfect design of the case needs no modification, and its owners are accustomed to seeing this tobacco accessory in the usual way.