How many tanning sessions you need for a quick tan?

First, you need to define the concept of "fast." Note that to get an even and deep tan in 1-2 sessions impossible in any tanning salon.
Before you visit a Solarium, be sure to consult your doctor if you can tan, because these procedures have many contraindications.

No matter how perfect the technique is, however, certain processes in the human body, including pigmentation of the skin, go on as usual. And if you try to speed up the tanning process, you risk to burn your skin. However, over 5-10 sessions of Solarium is quite possible to get the desired result.

What types of effective tanning for a quick tan?

There are 2 kinds of tanning beds that differ in the applied lamps. This system of tanning, which are:
- low pressure lamp;
- high pressure lamp.

In the first species produced A - and b-radiation. Tan in them is somewhat slower, but it lasts longer on the skin. Such tanning is preferable for fair-skinned people who are prone to burning in the sun. The system of tanning with high-pressure lamps produce more And rays affecting the melanin and quickly oxidizing. In such solariums tanning saturated colors you can get faster, but it is advisable to visit dark-skinned people or the owners of a natural tan.

In addition, tanning beds are:
- horizontal;
- vertical;
- in the form of chairs.
In chairs there is also a system with a powerful A-rays, but usually in such solariums tanning those people who just need to change the color of the visible parts of the body.

Most powerful its rays are vertical Solarium. They session lasts no more than 10 minutes.

Ways to gain tanning

If you want to quickly enough to sunbathe without getting the skin burn, please take care of her even before visiting the Solarium. In any case it is impossible to apply makeup, and to use any cosmetics (including soap).

A few hours before tanning will remove dead skin cells, ridding the body scrub. To quickly and evenly tanning in a Solarium, use special creams or lotions that are designed specifically for this procedure. However, be careful in the tanning bed you should not use sun creams in the sun.

How often can I visit a Solarium?

It is not recommended to sunbathe in the Solarium more than 2 cycles a year. One course includes 20 sessions. The number of the latter and the residence time under the lamps depend on different factors: skin type, presence of a natural tan, the technical characteristics of the equipment.

Treatments needed no more than 2 days (48 hours) after the previous visit to the tanning your skin is recovered and rested. To prevent premature aging, observe moderation in the creation of artificial tanning.