You will need
  • - gas stove;
  • - electric lighter;
  • - stove-top;
  • magnifying glass;
  • - the car;
  • - nazhdachnyj machine.
Turn one of the burners kitchen gas stoves contemporary gas stoves equipped with electric ignition. If a gas cooker without ignition, perhaps, there is an electric lighter or a regular lighter ran out of gas: the gas ignite from a spark, and then lit.
Enable maximum heating of one of the burners is electric. When the griddle is heated, it is possible to light without lighter.
Use car cigarette lighter: push it in until it stops, wait a few seconds. When the cigarette lighter with the characteristic click back in place, we can safely light a cigarette.
Take a thick steel wire or a nail and press it firmly to the abrasive stone is included emery machine. After the metal is heated to redness by friction, primarilythe to health, so to speak.
Just take a magnifying glass and focus the light on the tip of a cigarette. When you see smoke, raskurivanie.